MUWT 2: The Quickening


Very much so.


Being There is good


an eye twitch of obsessive study? Surely I can master this cadence. I must practice talking and talking, much like the figure in this video, who managed to convey so little with so many words, a level of unnecessary verbiage the likes of which even the true hero of no rangers allowed, Gorm, an elf directly inspired by Henry James’s most exasperating quality (that quality being his tendency to ramble without point or direction for far too long, such that one’s original thought was lost and replaced entirely by…


I keep wanting to say we’re living in Being There but it’s honestly just A Face in the Crowd


The Face of Another


between suspiria buster scruggs and widows i have concluded that im beyond tired of 2+ hr prestige-y films

theyre all fine tho, i guess


the curse of the dreaded 140 minute running time


it’s not your fault or the filmmakers’

it’s just science that the perfect running time is 90 minutes


My documentary is 69 minutes long, which turned out to be pretty optimal.

I’m not even joking, it just kind of happened that way.


why haven’t i watched blood on satan’s claw until now


R.I.P. Nic Roeg


instead of king arthur why didn’t they just have guy ritchie do the antifa super soldier robin hood movie


a star is born is so fucked up. i love miserable shit


I recently watched this for the first time and was surprised to find partway in that I was enjoying it more than anything I’d seen in a while. I appreciated the way it defied expectation by merely implying nearly all of the violence.

The wild final sequence sealed it for me despite seeming out of place. Apparently, Blatty had planned a much more understated ending but was prevailed upon to film the version we see. His preferred version would probably have been more appropriate, but I’m glad it has the ending it does.


Huh, I had no idea Exorcist 3 was good. Should I watch 2 first?


I skipped the second one. I’ve heard it’s quite bad, like nearly all horror sequels. Part 3 is based on the book Legion, which Blatty wrote after The Exorcist. I don’t know what happens in the second film, but it’s unnecessary to the story.


Watch The Ninth Configuration first instead of Exorcist 2


Embarrassingly I didn’t realize Wormwood was a real case until 3 episodes in. I thought it was just loosely based on something real. I assumed the interviewees were actors like the dramatized parts. Guess that explains why the “acting” in the interviews was so good. “I’ve never seen this guy before; hell of a character actor.”

I’m way more into this knowing the interviews are with actual people. Eric is super eloquent (again, I thought they were written lines) and a son consumed by his father’s mysterious death is super compelling.


HERO is good or probably great and almost definitely pro monarchy (bad). Tony leung chiu wai and maggie cheung have so much tender romanctic tragedy that almost makes me cry. I referred to this as edging but for crying to my crush. I havent been able to cry all year. Idk why.

I havent seen BONNIE AND CLYDE since I was 14, almost right before I lost my virginity. Faye dunaway is so god damn horny for like the first twenty minutes. It owns. Gun lust essentials.

AS TEARS GO BY is like, fine, but it does have andy lau making out w/ his maggie cheung cousin in blue lit kar wai wong vision set to a killer cover of take my breath away, which my crush said was hot as hell. So much blue and red lighting.

WHY DONT YOU PLAY IN HELL? was on at the meetup but I was asleep or drunk or something and didnt watch much of it. Its alright but part of me really relates to this story of some ambitious loser asshole who is somehow able to convince all the people around him that his ideas are actually good.

I wanted more tak sakaguchi so I downloaded RE: BORN and its mostly just boring. Its like, def a dtv mgs movie. It has akio otsuka as definitely a mgs villain:

Lots of mediocre stabbing. Idk. I expected something more yuji shimomura from yuji shimomura (by which I mean something more devil may cry 3). Features the lightest sprinkling of twin peaksy synths tho.

Decided to watch HOUSE OF GAMES and REDBELT cause of ricky jays passing. I think both are really good. Of the david mamet things Ive seen my fav is still SPARTAN, but redbelt is probs second, idk. That ending got me totally choked up.

The johnnie to film THROW DOWN is fucking great and I think I might add this to my date movie list. This one also got me a little choked up. Maybe this is a sign I should start studying martial arts.

SPL PARADOX is an absolute snooze (SPL II A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES is still the fucking business tho).


recommend u track down The Emperor and The Assassin for a movie that feels like a perfect response to Hero even though it was made 4 years earlier