MUWT 2: The Quickening


I found Squirm entertaining. One of my co-workers had recommended it to me a few years ago, saying that it had scared him as a kid. I finally got around to seeing it just this week upon discovering that it was included with Prime.


best part of squirm is how after a while the main character stops entering buildings through doors for seemingly no reason.


that, and the worms coming out of faucets and showerheads


not horror but Lovely But Deadly


buster scruggs is here!!!


Watched ASHES OF TIME REDUX last night and my takeaway is that getting over unrequited love is for cowards. Im ready for years of romantic angst now fuckers.

This scene from LONE WOLF AND CUB is either recreated or theyre both drawing from some third thing, I assume. I wouldve guessed the novel that ashes of time is based off but from what I understand it is not really based off that novel.

Gorg movie, etc., etc. Will track down the original theatrical cut at some point.


raises glass


I went to see Steve McQueen’s new heist thriller Widows last night. It’s pretty great! It weirdly reminded me a lot of the best parts of The Wire, the way it strongly grounds the story in its Chicago setting and sets up a churning machine of politics and crime that gradually infringes on the central plot.

And the ensemble cast is fantastic! Check out Paperboi from Atlanta playing a seriously menacing villain.


girl interrupted is so good… it’s silent hill 2 core


It’s fine.


Too much talking, no doubt


I mean, sometimes.

It’s pretty handsome and restrained but sometimes a scene goes on a beat too long or reveals what would have been better left implied and some dialogue is just GET IT right on the point. It sprawls in the way HEAT sprawls, but with race/Chicago politics kind of overwhelming the character aspects. Those parts are also grounded in character, but they weren’t the characters I care about? Viola Davis kind of gets marginalized in her own movie.

There are a few explicit visual nods to HEAT. About halfway through the movie a character happens and I was all “why is this character happening” and then I thought “they’re going to do the driver in HEAT” and then she becomes the replacement driver, bam, she is the driver in HEAT, structurally. McQueen likes HEAT. Maybe Gillian Flynn likes HEAT. This movie has all the flabbiness of HEAT but never hits the highs of HEAT.

It’s still good? It could have been tighter. Typical Respectable Director Makes a Genre Movie and has to make sure everyone sees they’re still making a Real Respectable Movie. The key points are filmed and cut with real tension and wisdom and then there’s all these people yacking in the margins of images that should speak for themselves or else the images sit there like a dead whale on a beach like LOOK AT MY SERIOUS MOVIE THAT ALSO HAS A HEIST.

Davis is excellent. Amazing deployment of Lukas Haas (but cut half his yacking please). Seeing ancient Liam Neeson kiss anyone at length is already unnerving enough at base there’s no need to do that bit before the cut. Michelle Rodriguez gets to-for the first time in her life-not play the Michelle Rodriguez! Elizabeth Debicki is really good at “surprise! maybe she is the michelle rodriguez, but very tall!” even if they have her say too much with her words to Lukas Haas? What a cast! Gosh, this fucking movie.


come to think of it all michelle rodriguez does in the movie is “here is the driver from HEAT” and “turns out I’m not the michelle rodriguez, huh”

it’s like this was adapted from a much longer miniseries or something


the space/frame is more cluttered, but mcqueen gets it in there



House of flying daggers fucking owns obviously, I just think its hilarious how the last third is like the most convoluted series of plot twists out of nowhere in the name of setting up a ~tragic and operatic~ finale.

Hanabi is criminal melancholy w/ methodical violence, it also obviously owns. Ty @nocode for insisting I see this.

Hanabi and house of flying daggers both feature blood on snow, which is like my fav shit.

I feel like hanabi and BLACK COAL THIN ICE would make a good vclub double feature. Just like 4 hours of moody ex cops w/ occasional bursts of violence. Itll be lovely.

So I absolutely adore CHUNG KING EXPRESS and FALLEN ANGELS. I generally cite those two as my fav movies, even if I dont necessarily really have a favorite movie or movies. I also think ashes of time is fucking great. That said, blueberry nights and happy together just Did Not Do It for me.

Blueberry nights is like, pretty, but its not gorgeous, and it also makes me worry if maybe part of the magic is not being in english? Idk its just not a very cool movie. The fits are not cool. There isnt enough smoking. Jude law even makes fun of the fact that you cant smoke anywhere these days. Blueberry pie is central to it but it doesnt have nearly enough people scarfing down food imo.

My fav part was the road trip with the very slightest sapphic undertones to it.

Kar wai wong is definitely a leg man (which is maybe one of the reasons I like him, because leg men tend to be attracted to me (for obvious reasons)) but blueberry nights focuses more on busty women. Is it something about america?

Happy together is just like, ninety minutes of dudes being shitty to each other, and I am not here for it. I think of leslie cheung as a sort of tragic figure, like he was rich and hugely succesful and he had a boyfriend he probably really loved, and he still killed himself. I downloaded one of his albums the other day but I dont really know how to find that kind of thing online, so pls hmu someone.

I dont think either movie is like, bad, but idk if Id ever really want to rewatch either?

Ive been in an off and on gay relationship all this year and Im probably the leslie cheung character in this situation, tbh. Tho neither is really the good guy or the bad guy I think. I want that lamp tho.

At least happy together has a ton of smoking and eating. I love cigarettes.

Low effort post: fromsoft make a ashes of time game.


actual no-joke best movie of the 90’s


Fallen Angels is probably the movie I’m happiest to watch again and again…there’s nothing else I’d rather do when I’m sick than dive into the '90s Hong Kong nightlife where the jukeboxes all play Laurie Anderson and the shops are run by break-ins

what I’m saying is you’ve got excellent taste Dakota


i really love happy together! it’s kind of my favorite, besides maybe in the mood for love. i just… love tony leung

i think maybe i actively dislike blueberry nights


Usually when I have someone over I put on fallen angels, chung king express, house, or good time. I love all four of those movies and I find them basically endlessly rewatchable.


Which good time?

Blueberry Nights is fantastic when it is Jude Law being sad.