MUWT 2: The Quickening


Kong Skull Island was 100% a movie called Kong Skull Island.


Yeah it rules


caught a local screening of MFKZ/Mutafukaz, w/ subs. Movie’s based on a french manga/comic by renard, and… it’s a wild one, i’d say.
aside from studio 4C, the credits list support by GAINAX, and it shows, literally.

Still not sure what to make of some cuts where the movie seems to jump some exposition (or the source material does so?), but hell, did i enjoy the action scenes, esp the car chase…

recommended to catch it, if it plays near you, that is!



another night, another anime screening:

picking up where a show left me longing for more, 7 to 8 years later i discovered, much to my surprise, that the show tatamai galaxy got some kind of sequel-ish movie that explains the happenings of an important night in the characters’ lifes.

I tried not too expect too much, since it has been 7+ years since i last saw the show, but much to my surprise, i could remember that some of the characters already were in the show, the plot and even some background-info that’s been long forgotten, or so i thought.

a wonderful, wacky, surreal ride, highly recommended if you are an anime snob like me.

stealth edit: duh, what’s the name of the movie, sir?

Night is Short, Walk on, Girl.

edith2: tatami galaxy…


Man I don’t know what it was about the sound mix or the theater or whatever, but when both the opening and closing songs of Streets of Fire hit, I started to tear up a little bit. It felt like being there.


When I watched it earlier this year I could only think, how did this jam not exist in my life before? I immediately recognized it as off-kilter and heightened in a way that movies aren’t and games are.



I’m sorry, I helped make this happen


One Cut Of The Dead was real great and y’all should all watch it without knowing anything about it.

Okay that the Japanese title is even better which roughly translates to DON’T STOP FILMING!


yeah I loved it


Escape Plan 2 is a bad sequel to a movie that was okay.


was reminded recently that i want to read liu cixin and apparently there’s a film adaptation to one of his novels coming out in february. looks v basic but i’m interested in knowing what big budget (?) chinese science fiction looks / sounds / feels like.

probably won’t come out in my country though which is a bummer


I saw the DVD case for Escape Plan 2 in an Indiana truck stop and had a serious 5 minutes of pouring over it trying to figure out if it was real or some weird Chinese bootleg.

They should have made the entire Escape Plan 1 out of Jim Caviezels. Dude was having the time of his life.


While i guess I’m happy I can see quality new release movies on Netflix without having to change my out of my pajamas or get off my couch, I really wish I could have seen both Apostle and The Night Comes For Us in a movie theatre. I would have loved to have shared a reaction of the meat grinder scene with a theater full of people.


I’m sure bohemian rhapsody isn’t close to being a good movie, it’s a montage filled formulaic corny music biopic, probably should of been called queen’s greatest hits: the motion picture, but it is queen and freddie mercury so I enjoyed it, and it uses the actual music, and I saw it completely exhausted so I ended up crying the whole movie while people behind me snickered at every Gay thing in the movie. and I don’t mean eyes watering I’m talking tears running down cheeks, I can’t even remember the last time that happened. I was getting emotional over some mr rogers trailer beforehand too. you turn 33 and the wheels just start falling off I guess. one thing I really liked is how nice and friendly the band are. usually in these things the genius famous person just comes across as a weird asshole, but the band all seemed like nice goofballs, but nice goofballs who will still throw a rock through some shitty producer guys window and laugh about it, which is good.


Can any Prime members recommend some of the trashier stuff you find on there? It’s a treasure trove of b-grade horror schlock but I don’t know where to start.


There’s a few Lucio Fulci films.

Also, not exactly b-grade (or horror), but Boorman’s Excalibur is top-shelf trashy.


Q: Winged Serpent is up there right now.

They’ve got a ton of '60s-'70s Japanese films like Outlaw Gangster and Female Prisoner Scorpion on usually.


Q is my favorite Larry Cohen film. Definitely check it out


I’ve never heard of Hellbent but I checked it out because of the box art and it’s fantastic; it’s an '80s rock parable/deal with the devil film.

I always dig through the ‘Customers Also Watched’ list when I find stuff like this, it works much better than the recommendation engine (removing it is one of the main ways Netflix’s UI has gotten catastrophically worse in the past few years).