Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


No one has killed the dragon yet. The end portal has not been opened.


i’ll return soon


i wanna build something but i can’t seem to find good inspiration


Just build a giant phallus. Rising out of the sea.


is this still up


I think so. Is BlobfishXL the creator? Because otherwise I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes wandering around some random person’s server.

edit: Okay I found the glass pyramid so I think this is the right server.


So, like, this is seriously awesome and I love checking out what everyone’s built (I loooove that temple with the maps on the wall!) but when was the last time anyone popped in here? It has a kind of “reclaimed by nature” vibe to it.


Ya it’s still up


Is it time for round two?

(I’m blobfish)


oh no i have things to do



nope, nothing more important than minecraft


I can’t seem to join the realm, at least from my Switch. You sure it’s up? Maybe it’s me?


lets do it
great glaas pyramid


Also not able to join on mobile. Very weird


Oh nice. I started a house while everyone was away. It’s not finished but it will be and it will be a grand ol’ thing.


The biggest thing on the server is actually My housemate Paul’s Castle. It’s straight Northt of Downtown across two bodies of water. You can see it on Clint’s server map. Did anyone find it yet?

I’ll check Clint.


Clint, you were right. It was expired. I renewed it for another three months, as I have more money than sense.


oh heck yes

thanks for spending money

because of me


I didn’t check this out for a while because I thought “bedrock edition” was a mod. I should pop in to the server sometime.


I’m going to be making some more maps for the next hour or so if anyone wants to pop on


I’m really tired but I’ll try.