Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


I also “fixed” the broken biomes in the ocean, but I didn’t have any luck finding the actual IDs for the new Biomes, so they are just “unknown biome 1” etc.

But, I might do some detective work and fix it by just…guessing what Biome I am standing in I guess.

Also might add the new items! Why am I doing this? Because I love maps!!


does the win10 version not have the function where you can turn on coordinates and stuff? that overlay shows you the biome you’re in currently in the java version

i think it used to be F3 that toggled it


It doesn’t! At least, not as a regular old player, but I don’t think the functionality exists at all.

Infernarl set up the server so we can always see our coordinates, but it doesn’t show biomes.

TBH there’s a lot missing from Realms specifically in terms of extended functionality. No mods, not a lot of shaders, limited console commands, etc. Kind of annoying.

BUT it’s been really fun playing Vanilla again and the cross-platform compatibility rules.


Clint and my house mate Paul are both mining on their phones


It’s Happening.


So ya, if anyone wants protection IV books, there is a villager in my pyramid with that trade. Also a farmer villager that will give emeralds for wheat potatoes or carrots.


Also maybe there is a railroad track going into my pyramid now.


How does one breathe underwater these days?


potions and enchantments.

You can make a potion that lets you breath underwater for around 3 minutes. You can also enchant a crown / helmet to give you an additional 15 seconds underwater per level.


did we never get that conduit set up? I could have sworn we had everything we needed


My current project is wondering if this farm:

can be combined with this combo iron farm villager breeder:

and if they would work the same on bedrock as on java


also I have enough eyes to try opening the second end portal. the first one glitched, I think because it had water running through it. I didn’t want to drop into creative to fix it cus then achievements wont work anymore.


Clint reports the map has updated.


There’s now a villager that will trade for mending books in the pyramid.


We’re still playing, you cowards


I haven’t been playing in a bit!! Monster Hunter came out!!!

But I’ll come back soon




I honestly have no excuse, but I do intend to come back soon


I want to play more of this, but I’ve been having a lot of other stuff eating up my free time and I’ve been making games. I really wanna build somethin stupidly big and I want to have a pet cat.


There is already a cat statue, maybe you could make another one