Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


That’s only an option in the Java version.


I have a love/hate relationship with the creepers destroying terrain. On the one hand, it definitely encourages caution, and that hiss sound is very meaningful when you know it’s about to blow up something.

On the other hand, I hate hate hate the holes they leave in the ground, which is meaningless in terms of your own creations, but incredibly irritating when just walking around. I always do my best to at least patch it over with dirt, but I don’t always have enough.

Anyway, doesn’t matter since we can’t turn it off.


The pyramid has a beacony upgrade


i would be playing a little bit every day but my minecraft account has my old username which has the name i don’t use anymore and it seems 100% impossible to change it(???)


Well since it’s the windows edition you actually go by your Xbox live name if you sign in to a Microsoft account. You could create a new one for that purpose or use an existing one, but I think you do have to associate Minecraft with that account permanently so just be careful.

You can change your Xbox live gamer tag once for free tho


it was all forced as far as i know
i got the windows edition for owning the java edition
after installing it from the windows store, it just automatically associated it with my windows account which is a microsoft account, i think
i’ve never changed anything, so i should be able to freely change this?
wtf is going on


So AFTER that. once you install it and run it, you have to sign in inside minecraft to XBL and that’s where the gamertag comes up which is the thing you can change.

This whole process is even worse on switch where you also have to navigate a Nintendo account on-top of the XBL account.

If it would sway you into participating I would be happy to buy you one of those 1$ windows keys


thanks, i’ll see what can be done when i get home

if i can change my name to “meauxdal” it will be great

btw, i have installed it, and i even logged into the server at some point last week to poke around. that missing piece of cobblestone on the well? that was me! i got stuck in the well as soon as i spawned and it took me like 2 minutes to get out ;-;


Finally getting some maps in Mapworld: World of Maps. The building isn’t done yet (no observation deck) but it’s got three stories now! Come visit and look at…the maps!!

(I don’t actually have copies of the maps in chests yet but if you promise to be careful you can clone them yourself)


I went in this building and it is super rad. Also surreal to see the game’s rendering of something I built.


The pyramid now contains all 6 trees and Joestar I relocated the mooshrooms to their murder cubicle.


There is now all 16 colors of sheep.


There’s a large-ish wheat field behind Mapworld: World of Maps if you want to breed sheepens


Does this island that we’re on have a name? I’ll put it in my guidebook to the area.


Not yet!


Mapworld: World of Maps is coming along.

Other various screenshots:


I promise I’ll be back once I get La Mulana out of my system, it’s just occupying so much of my brain right now


There is a new stable portal connected to the others that leads to a Flower Forest. The path is off of the hall to the Blaze Farm


My base lools really good now, even without the texxture pack I use. thanks clint!


Clint reports the map has been updated.