Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


I took this picture shortly before my internet died. I think the pyramid was too powerful.


such fancy graphics!


oh yeah lemme link my shader and resource pack

Textures are Faithful 64x64: http://mcpedl.com/faithful-pe/
Source Reload Shader 1.2 ultra: http://mcpedl.com/source-reload-shader/

i guess i already posted the shader

one of these def. fucks up cocoa beans though


oh yeah i was gonna do that too

i am using

Minecraft Summerfields as my resource pack
and a nondescript realistic shader for my shader. it’s really nothing special


Jesus Christ

Map is updated btw https://clint.neocities.org/mcpeviz/servermap.html#


The map has been updated!



Gotta think big.


Mega Structures


So I put a dropper on top of my pyramid and rigged it so you could hit a button nad have it spit out water, which looks pretty rad. Then i tried it with lava and that worked too and also looked rad. Then i was swapping it back to water and I hit the button on accident and dispensed water before the lava had flowed away.


I managed to encase MY ENTIRE PYRAMID IN COBBLE.

That took forever to fix.

Don’t build with lava.

(I am lighting my pyramid with lava)


build another, slightly larger pyramid around it, with lava in the gap between them


I keep slowly building mapworld: world of maps, but also getting distracted.

For instance, I want my windows to be light blue stained glass. But Light Blue Dye can only be obtained from blue orchids, which only grow in swamps. So I needed to go a fair distance north to get any. And I figured since I was going I would map out part of the world while I was there, so I harvested a bunch of sugar cane and made a bunch of maps. Then I realized I forgot that they wouldn’t be tracking maps unless i made them with compasses, so I grabbed some steel and redstone and made compasses. I finally headed out, grabbed a boat and went north. Once I arrived I realized I forgot bone meal to grow flowers, so I had to hunt around and kill a couple of skeletons. Finally got about 10 flowers and headed back home.

Now that I’ve got new maps, I decided to make an excel spreadsheet to track what maps I have, what number they are, and whether or not they are complete. That took me about an hour.

I have yet to make any light blue glass or hang any maps.


Do you want people to donate any maps they might have that they’re not using


weird question but is there

any way to turn up the difficulty on the survival mode or introduce more creatures? we’re all reasonably set now, and i think it’d be fun if there were a way of forcing people to work together more.


There is not. The difficulty is set to Normal. I could set it to hard but all that does is make mobs take more hits, not make more of them (I think). It’s never going to be a tower defense game like you are wanting. If you want a challenge try building with fire again :stuck_out_tongue:


That being said, I just got enough skulls to summon the wither boss…


If we could get rid of fucking creepers, I wouldn’t care about turning up difficulty, but I feel like knowing minecraft, it would just spawn more creepers and fuck those architecture ruining shits.


Also, I just keep popping on occasionally to build more of my weird little 3d pile of rooms. It’s fun.


I’m obsessed with this pyramid


So pretty…!


I don’t know if turning off creepers wholesale is a possibility, but the server should have a flag in its settings that disables their terrain damage if you flip it.