Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


We are playing Minecraft.

Here’s our map:

Join us!

Bedrock edition is available on:
Windows 10
Xbox One
Gear VR
Apple TV

It’s NOT available for crossplatform on PS4 cus Sony does not believe in letting people cross platform.

(note: If you have ever purchased the Java version of Minecraft, you can get the Windows Bedrock edition (formerly called “Windows 10 Edition” now just titled “Minecraft” with the Original version now titled “Minecraft: Java Edition”) for free, just log into your Mojang account to get a code. )


I’d be down except my computer seems to be what you’d get if you went to the computer store 10 years ago and said “I want a machine that’s good at playing anything BUT Minecraft. I want all my games to run fine but if you try to play minecraft it cries itself to sleep and then dies”, so


worth noting that the non-java edition far outperformed the java version last time i tested them against each other


You don’t got dat switch?


I do got. Don’t have dat 'craft for it though.


Pm me your address


When my account got stolen my windows 10 codee was also stolen


ok I did it. There’s a server for 3 months at least



Exciting news! I never got to play on the old sb minecraft server. And I didn’t know I could get bedrock for free!


Oh shit I’m down for this, I didn’t realize this came with the Java edition now

I’ll ch eck it out soon


there’s a nether portal at spawn now


We played minecraft Ya’ll, Me and my housemate and my friend played all weekend.


I’m playing right now, even, thanks to a very generous person!


I’ll hop on today as well! Just to see what’s up. I don’t really know what you do online in minecraft. Yeah, yeah, mining and crafting, very funny

I only ever played offline…


Waffle, I hope you don’t think I quit because you joined. I just told myself I’d only play until noon and then get some work done. I hope we’ll play eventually!


The main bastion of civilization is at 100x -1000z.

There is an ender portal right under the village at spawn accessible by swimming down the village well. It’s not open yet.


I got mooshrooms to base camp.


it me, I am the breakfast grid bread

what’s yall’s names in game?


yeah, I knew that, just thought I’d address you with your ingame name. I’m BlueBlackPurple, who’s everyone else?

Btw I’m strip mining most of the time because I’m no good at building and I don’t really know what needs to be done. Here’s hoping I can deck y’all out with diamonds soon!


I’m Cube of Despair, and sorry for unceremoniously dropping out this morning BBP, I alt-tabbed and minecraft crashed

love this windows 10 version

I got this shader and it’s alright: http://mcpedl.com/source-reload-shader/