Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


Ahhh, it was youuu!! That’s great!

Yeah I waited for a while to see if you’d come back. Maybe we can mine jointly? Would be cool if we could share facilities and such. If not, that’s cool too. But if you wanna then just let me know where I can mine, or, well, it might be obvious once you start doing it, then I’ll just carve out my own tunnels.

That shader didn’t work for me, which is a shame, it looks nice. It overlaid something weird. Some kinda glitch. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I went with this one instead http://mcpedl.com/tint-shader/


so I have a map of the explored areas, but no where to host it. Does someone have a website? It can also be viewed locally.



I can host it on clint.neocities.org, that’s where I kept all my old minecraft stuff, can just add that if you like

I’m working on a sugar cane farm so that I can make tremendous amounts of paper and create loads of in-game maps. Gonna create a system of waypoints too so people can navigate to different landmarks.

Currently idling in the mayor’s house (hi infernarl) to allow the sugar cane to grow some more


I made the little workshop area and some quarters in that mineshaft, feel free to mine out anywhere else. I don’t really have a system, so whatever works for you! It’s a shared resource.

Actually, I do have one system: put torches on the right hand side as you mine so that exiting is easy once it gets really large. You can just keep torches on the left no matter what and you’ll end up at the exit eventually.


where can I email the file?


I always did it the other way around, put them on the left going in so I know the “right” way going out. But left to leave is also intuitive, so I’ll do that so we don’t get mixed up!


You did a great job with the base camp! I especially like the chicken dispenser because I always run out of food during mining

I don’t even know how to build these kinds of things


I cheated and watched a video. But essentially it’s chickens standing on hoppers that feed into a dispenser. When something enters the dispenser, it triggers the redstone and the redstone makes it dispense. That causes the chickens to hatch out of the broken eggs. and then when they grow they go from one block high to two blocks high and their heads enter the lava and they get cooked. then another hopper puts the cooked stuff in hte chest.


My current goal is to secure the nether fortress that is behind the tree house portal and set up a blaze farm and find nether wort (Please don’t break the blaze spawners!)


I’m obsessed with chicken roasters. I made one that had you push a button to drop every chicken into an ever-flaming netherstone thing, and all of the chickens would set on fire and fly out in every direction. Quite a sight to behold.

Another one did have lava, but it was in a bucket in a dispenser that would get triggered twice whenever an egg was laid, briefly letting out the lava. So, fully automated. But it had problems.

I’m not sure why I didn’t just put the lava in the machine itself.

Anyway, after I get some maps going I’m going to come up with a redstone project of some sort. I’m no good at architecture but I like maps and weird devices.


I need slime balls


I don’t have any of those but I did mine a bit! Got like 128 iron and put the 10 diamonds from my old mine in the new mine’s chest. I made tunnels at 20, 16 and 10 depth. 10 seems to me to be the ideal depth to mine diamond but that’s probably objectively wrong.

When I find an interesting cave I put a door at the end of a tunnel (so the baddies can’t invade), when there’s lava or water or the tunnel just “ends” for me then I put two torches on top of each other at the end of the tunnel. Just so y’all know what’s going on with that.

The entrance to our mine is at 172, 64, -958

Go steal some iron from there if you need it!

I could also put some in some communal chest but I don’t know where stuff is


my fireplace turned out to be less safe than I thought it was, and a non-trivial portion of my house burned down


CaughtHail either called me a creeper or warned me of one, I’m not sure, I was creeping around at the time


Infernarl I’m using your house as temporary map storage, I hope that’s okay. I don’t have a house yet, I will soon though… Was doing some testing RE: cloning, found some things out.

  1. Maps only update when they are in your hand (or your off-hand)
  2. Cloned maps will update all at the same time
  3. If you zoom out a cloned map, it is a DIFFERENT MAP and must be explored separately, even though it says it has the same ID.
  4. From research, no two maps at the same zoom level will ever overlap

Going to use this info to make Mapworld, World of Maps, a large stone tower filled with maps at different zoom levels. It’s gonna rule.


OH and one thing to note about the Windows 10 edition. F2 no longer takes a screenshot, but it does have a screenshot function if you hit Esc and hit the camera. Kinda annoying

And the screenshots are stored locally at:



This is the best.


That sounds rad af


You have a super nice house! What kind of block is your basement made of? Looks like smooth sand??