Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


Guess who’s jumping in


I’m sad to say I’ll only be able to play again on Monday. I expect the place to look like Manhattan when I get back. But don’t build on my spot, it’s reserved :stuck_out_tongue: (the cobblestone stairs next to the mine)


Thank you! The basement is all light grey concrete


We now have netherwart. I have begun work on a blaze farm.


I didn’t even know that was in the game. It’s been a while since I last played. I have to read up on my minecraft science

Also I think it looked yellow to me because of the lights of the torches and the way my shader handles them



Got the map up and running!! It’s not a live map, it’s basically a snapshot of whenever @Infernarl sends it to me. I had to export the small version to get it uploaded, so it doesn’t have every single layer of the map, but it shows the surface and has a bunch of cool options.

MCPE Viz hasn’t been updated for the newest version yet, so there are some unknown objects, mobs, and biomes…but it’s mostly oceanic stuff.

Just for fun: exporting the full image set created 15,000+ images, one for each layer for each chunk of land, and there are 256 layers soooo that’s fun. The small image set is only 580 images, yay.

Cool things to do:

  • Show the shaded relief under Options
  • check out how many creepers there are for some reason
  • biomes!
  • wow that’s a lot of mooshrooms


This is so cool! Thanks Clint!


That’s so great! I can see my house from heeeere

Although it’s the unfinished version of it

Great work, thanks!


Someone sheared all the mooshrooms, so now they’re just cows.


I’m just glad you found the tool, it’s super cool and easy once I figured out the settings I needed.

Feel free to send me the map whenever and I’ll update it.

also whoever sheared the mooshrooms:



Always :clap: leave :clap: a breeding :clap: pair :clap:


The last time I got really into Minecraft I was making a shrine in the style of Heian Jingu in Kyoto but I never finished it because I got obsessed with trying to get cats to permanently live there.


Can you make cats permanently live somewhere now?


Tickrate lag is out of control right now


Is that where you mine a block and then it appears again? I get that a lot


I guess @Infernarl is gearing up to go to the End and slay the ender dragon, right? If so, could we all do that together? I’ve never done it and I’d like to participate. Could be a really cool team event!




infernarl are you blobfish

I still don’t know who anyone on this server is


Yes I am blobfish

I desperately need two slime balls…


I got the slimeballs and now this works:

path to it is the other direction from the spawn portal. Please don’t break anything.


what… IS it?