Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


Pull the level twice and then hit the button and then punch the blazes feetsies for exp and rods


Oh nice


you all make me really wish I had a system capable of running one of the Bedrock Edition releases
(technically I have a win10 machine, but it’s not working and I’m not sure why)

I believe if you tame an ocelot to get a cat, and then press the use key on it, it will sit in place instead of trying to follow you. It will try and follow you if it chose to sit, however. Alternatively, you can use a lead (leash) to tie them to a fence post. They’re an occasional treasure or can be crafted from string and and a slime ball. A lead will stretch out ten blocks, with the animal usually roaming around five away. They also work vertically, if you’re a weirdo who wants to make a room where animals are hanging from the ceiling ( has to be 7+ blocks above floor). But apparently a lead will break if a chunk unloads? I don’t know if that happens on multiplayer servers.

some or all of that information may be inaccurate.

the real question is who on the server has the most villagers stored in their basement


Give me time


Villagers are scary to me. Don’t want them near me!


You can even run it on your phone. Mine is 6 years old and can run it no problem. Of course the controls aren’t as good but they’re not bad. I tried connecting my PS4 controller but the button mapping is messed up and I got locked into looking up without a way to look down. So basically the dualshock is fucked on android. There’s probably an app to fix it but it needs the phone to be rooted.

Maybe you don’t have a smartphone?


dang seeing that map i really screwed myself making my base near the spawn portal

i’m just curious but what texture pack is everyone using




Also default. I never found one I liked better. There’s always some block type in there that irritates me because it doesn’t look right and I switch back to default


I’ll post the texture packs ive used when I get home


The closest ender portal is like directly under the far end of your bridge though, so there’s that.


@Infernarl feel free to grab those cows whenever


I went looking for livestock and found someone’s house and the adjacent lighthouse. That was really cool! I like getting surprised by the cool stuff you peeps are doing


I am going to do an official house first, but apparently i have to whack feet for like 5 hours first.


where the jungle at


also are we keeping this more than 30 days?


it happened again

I did all kinds of testing and followed a guide and it happened again

I just


Fire is too damn dangerous!


90 days already paid for.


The map updated.