Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


Pretty tired of the base I built south of the spawn village.

Gonna make a new one near the treehouses


I am sorry my unfinished lighthouse is an eyesore visible from spawn island. I’m working on it. If you visit my Hawaii-shaped island, please don’t kill my beloved free-range sheep.


Minecraft is a canvas for all of humanity’s insecurities.


I’m actually gonna give away my two bases just south of the spawn island if anyone wants them. Cross the bridge and my smaller away fort is on the left, and then keep going through the island and take a sharp left across the beach of the second to where the sign says NO TOUPSES.


How do you get turtles to fuck


cut the short seaweed with shears


This would be a very good user title, btw.

(Thanks for this server btw)


Preliminary version of Mapworld: World of Maps. I built it on a creative flat map to get a feel for what I wanted to do, so obv it’s not on the server yet. The interior is…nothing yet, but I’m pretty happy with the exterior.

I’ve been gathering granite and diorite and some andesite before bed each night (thanks mobile version!), I probably have enough to build the exterior. I need to figure out what I want to do for flooring though. I’d like to do some Terracotta patterns (you can see my experiments to the side in the first screenshot) but I am not sure yet. That might be a little garish.

My wife helped design the banner. I think it’s pretty good!!!

There’s going to be a spiral staircase in the center going all the way to the observation deck. The first floor will contain maps of the local area at zoom levels 0, 1 and 2. Second floor will be zoom level 3 maps, and third floor will be zoom level 4 maps. I’ll make copies so people can carry them around too, if I can. And I’d like to write touristy guide books, although there’s no printing press to copy those that I am aware of.

Pre-edit: oh shit you can copy books now. I’m definitely going to make huge tour guides and journals now. Shit. I love this stupid game.


I was reading about maps. You can copy maps too. Also you can tile multiple maps to make a bigger map when you use item frames to hang them on the wall. There’s even an achievement for it.


In other news: I accidentally the whole hill.


Cloning maps is cool because anyone who explores while holding the cloned map will add their exploration to every other version of the map. Once I start getting some bigger maps to fill out I’ll pass out cloned copies if people want to help. I also plan on making as many clones of the maps as possible for people to just carry around.


boy can fire burn a base well

what can it do to a jungle


Ok then it’s official, we need a fire department in town


I’ve never played Minecraft. If I pick this up, would I be a liability on the server?


Hell no, it’s easy to pick up and fun to play, especially together. Go give it a try and see what the kids are talking about! Or, were talking about. Now they’re talking about Fortnite


it’s been several years since I had access to a copy of Minecraft, but unless something has changed drastically in that time, it’s actually not all that easy to cause significant damage unless you’re actually trying to do so.

three ways of a novice making an actual mess in such a server come to mind:

  • carelessly punching/removing the blocks that make up someone else’s carefully constructed work (why would you do this)
  • carelessly using the items you find lying around in people’s chests and such without knowing what they do (ditto)
  • fire

Those first two shouldn’t be a big problem unless you’re really trying to wreck things and come across something precariously built. Just be cautious around places that have clearly received human attention. Fires, on the other hand, can be quite dangerous and agonizing even to long-time players, but it’s not like you can just start them as soon as you join a game. But when you do get the means of starting a fire, be damn careful about where.

It might be fun for your first taste of the game to be dropping into the server’s default spawn and seeing whatever weirdness has been built around the area, but unless you raid everything you find and use it judiciously, you’re likely to die more than a few times before you get your bearings, both in the game and in the server world. If that sounds fine, go ahead - you’ll eventually figure things out, and people on the server will help you in chat, I’m sure. But my personal recommendation is to first put some hours into Survival Mode.

Now, Survival Mode may still feel like jumping in the deep end at first (you can make things a little smoother by setting the difficulty to Easy, which won’t really compromise the learning process). The game doesn’t exactly have a robust tutorial, and the way Achievements can guide you in the Bedrock Edition seems inferior to the “Advancements” trees in the Java Edition. But you will eventually learn all the basics just from running around and punching things, and then doing things with what you get from punching things. It’s honestly pretty organic. Play around, experiment, die and respawn. Break and build things. Explore.

I don’t want to make it seem like this is a checklist you have to complete before you join the server, but here is a rough list of things that might be worth taking the time to get a basic grasp of before you climb in the communal sandbox:

  • the way that monsters spawn in darkness, whether indoors, underground or during night
  • how to keep an eye out for and avoid murder cacti (AKA creepers)
  • how to confront (or avoid) the threats posed by other intimidating mobs, like skeleton archers or Endermen (the tall dudes)
  • the deceptively unstable nature of sand and gravel and the perils of digging through them
  • how water flows when given an opening, and how to block off an opening if it proves an issue
  • the same for lava, water’s far more dangerous cousin
  • where to find sources of food, especially renewable sources
  • how to build a small base that is sufficiently secure that you can spend several in-game days in it without being disturbed, and can use it to store items or rest and resupply
  • the infernal power of flames (preferably test on an isolated island, away from anything you hold dear)

Hmm, I think that’s about it. Other things - common inventory items, equipment, interacting with friendly animals, delving into dangerous locations, that kind of stuff - should come up naturally as you explore and experiment. There’s some more advanced stuff that was added after I stopped playing, like potion brewing, enchanting items and advanced creature interaction, but you don’t need any of that right away, or even for a while. Just keep in mind that the only way you directly improve your character is by gathering XP orbs, which only serves to let you make better equipment. Everything else comes from what you’re packing on your travels.

once again, if you want to drop straight into the sever, that really shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you’re careful.
and hopefully, if I got anything above wrong or left anything crucial out, somebody will correct me.


Note, creep isn’t playing on the server afaik and it’s my server so you should come and play without learning anything. I built my house out of fireproof stuff anyway.


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