Minecraft Bedrock Edition SB Server


I made two new maps and put 'em on the wall. Yaaay mapworld.

Also working on the books, I think I will write some field journals but I gotta get more ink.


damn I secured myself a real prime real estate when I built my house. This is the view from my balcony:


also is it just me or did they add two shaders that were previously not official? I could have installed them, I’m not sure, but since they’re not out of date and minecraft has updated since I last played I think they went ahead and did that


So I’ve noticed something about the controls. Primarily I’ve played on PS4 but playing on Xbox recently I can’t get over the differences between the two console versions.

On PS4 when you fly you will fly in whatever direction you’re looking so you effectively fly around using only the sticks. But on Xbox the right stick is purely for looking and moving it around while flying will only move the view while you stay at whatever elevation you’re at while flying. To fly up or down you have to push the buttons. That’s weird.

Another difference is that on PS4 I can hold the trigger down and I’ll just keep swinging my arm indefinitely until I let up. But on Xbox I only attack/swing once per trigger pull. Holding it down yields nothing but disappointment.

I just spent like ten minutes looking through the settings menu on the Xbox version trying to figure out a way to make it control like the PS4 version but apparently you just… can’t.

Also! On PS4 in creative mode you dig down to bedrock and that’s it, you can’t go any further. Yet I just now tried it on Xbox, dug down to bedrock and actually broke through and fell out of the world, and was prevented from going back up thanks to an invisible wall. What the hell!

Not to mention how different the two version simply look visually. PS4 is what I expect basic Minecraft to look like while on Xbox there’s fancier lighting and water effects and stuff going on.

This is all to say nothing of the PC version which I imagine looks and plays however the hell any particular PC user wants it to thanks to mods and custom control setups and everything else. It just strikes me as so weird that there are all these different versions of the game that are actually significantly different from each other.

Why isn’t there just “Minecraft”? Instead we’ve got “Minecraft on PC”, “Minecraft on Xbox”, “Minecraft on PS4”, “Minecraft on Switch” and “Minecraft on Mobile”. How is it that a leviathan company like Microsoft drops billions of dollars acquiring a Mega-Brand like Minecraft and then is seemingly unable to deliver the consistency you would expect to come with the thing being a Brand in the first place?

A Big Mac is still a Big Mac whether you’re getting it in L.A. vs. Chicago. Why isn’t my Minecraft Experience consistent across devices/platforms? How did that not get nailed down as soon as the ink on that deal was dry?

I’m not meaning to make a big deal out of this (I say after typing out multiple paragraphs) but like… what. the. shit. I am just baffled.


on xbox, are you playing “Minecraft” or “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition”?

edit: Oh, turns out Bedrock Edition (the one where they’re unifying all the versions into a consistent platform-agnostic experience) isn’t available on PS4… at all. Probably because cross-platform play is absolutely 100% non-negotiable and mandatory, and Sony, customarily, won’t play ball.


Yeah that’s probably it. It sucks because I like being able to fly with just the sticks and hold the trigger to attack indefinitely.


working on the largest map yet. For scale, the next smallest map down is covered in that square of 4 at the bottom, so it’s…much larger.

I’m also writing guidebooks for each set of maps, so that’s fun. The first is sort of done, it’s in the chest next to the smallest map, so feel free to read it (and then put it back please, I only have one copy)

Look at this dang fish. It’s underwater but it can’t breathe. Stupid fish.


who built this

who made that terrible pun


Today I tried booting up bedrock edition for the first time.

Couldn’t remember my ms account password, and I no longer have the phone that was authorized for 2fa, so I have to wait 30 days for account recovery.

Or buy Minecraft again.


Wow that sucks!! I hate Microsoft!!! Seriously, every time I have to do a password reset for them it’s like pulling teeth. It’s awful.


Sunrise at sea

Y’all should check the feed some time, I add pictures there pretty frequently.

Also: 4 more maps for Mapworld. I got lost because I forgot to bring my Big Ol’ World Map, but I got home after about 30 minutes of triangulating myself using the maps I did bring, and some good old fashioned guessing.

Going to try and finish the level 2 maps while at the same time filling out the level 4 maps. I could also do level 3 at the same time but that’s a lot of map management.

I was re-reading this thread and If orgot that I made an excel spreadsheet tracking my maps. I don’t know where I put it…


I’m north of the main island, and I see this little house. So I go inside, take a nap, and decide to just…see what’s in the mine.

I descend the stairs and go through a long tunnel. It’s well lit for a while, then eventually the torches stop and all I see is this:

So I’m thinking, this person must have dug so far they got back outside, or something. So I get to the end of the tunnel and instead of being outside, I’m here:

Exactly two blocks high, mostly flat except for the occasional hole, and just…it’s huge!

I have no idea how this person created this, or if it was a chunk error, or what, but it’s incredible. Whoever did this or discovered this: spill the beans.


That is spooky as hell! This is what it must have been like to stumble across Stonehenge in ancient times… A deep rooted feeling of spiritual fear


That was my housemate Glow


That was my housemate Paul. His Castle is on top of that mountain.


She was tickled that you found it and were amused.

Clint would a map update be of interest?


for sure! email that bad boy to me and I’ll get it converted/uploaded





No one has been in the end yet.