melee island (fighting game club)

shitting and crying and pissing and cumming and fucking and

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yeah whatever, this was the real announcement

Kim is back too but at least he has new duds


Untitled Geese Game

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As much as I want Garou 2 this is the worst way to announce it

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The cool thing is it’s Garou 2 normally but also Garou 10 in binary.

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Bridget’s guide is up:

i wanna play

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I made Eileen cosplay the Darkstalkers female main characters in VF5FS : P


important street fighter 6 news


Noooooo those monsters created a second abomination too


i think i’m a testament main fo-fo-fo-for life, but i’ve been getting back into playing ky and he’s got a sick wall bounce combo


honestly the first time I saw neco-ciel I thought it was neco-sonic


This is over a year old but it isn’t in the thread so I’m just going to jam it in in case anyone is mildly interested.

A cut-down, sort of arcade-style Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is playable in the virtual arcades in Yakuza 6 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. That isn’t the news.

The news was that “a simple hack” unlocked the full version of VF5FS in the Steam versions of those two Yakuza games, minus netplay and DLC (so no costume customization or Special Sparring mode).

  • The game appears to be based upon the Xbox 360 port, with references to Xbox LIVE left in the menus.
  • Unlike the console ports, this version of the game has a fully functional Exit Game option.
  • The game does not contain any DLC data, attempting to force unlock them softlocks the game.
  • Saving doesn’t work
  • To start the game, coins must be inserted twice (Y/Triangle on the gamepad)
  • English texts are cut off, as this build of VF5FS seems to be a Japanese SKU with English texts
  • Pause menu is tricky to access and resuming the game does not unfreeze gameplay

Silent, the hack author, went on to make Yakuza VF5FS work stand-alone:

  • Audio is not implemented.
  • No online features are implemented and are unlikely to be implemented for a long time.
  • Only Yakuza 6 is supported so far, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is planned to be added later.
  • Just like when playing through in-game arcades, the game renders at fixed 720p and stretches to fullscreen. Proper high resolution rendering support may be added later.
  • Offline Versus cannot be played with a keyboard and a gamepad. For now, two gamepads are required.
  • Keyboard bindings are hardcoded for now. Please refer to F1 → Controls for a list of controls.

Nothing has happened with it for over a year so that may be as far as it gets.


The requirement for facing Dural in Virtua Fighter 4 PS2’s Kumite mode had not been previously documented, as far as I can tell. From observing what happened when I put an Adept AI Akira into Kumite, the requirement for facing Dural appears to be:

Reach Adept rank and Dural will challenge you approximately every 8 matches until she is defeated or you are demoted.

0:18:09 - “YS” Emperor Dural
0:26:34 - “YS” Emperor Dural
0:44:36 - “YS” Emperor Dural
0:54:23 - “YS” Emperor Dural
1:29:07 - “YS” Emperor Dural
1:54:40 - “YS” Emperor Dural
2:10:24 - “YS” Emperor Dural
2:14:35 - demoted
3:04:18 - promoted
3:09:51 - “YS” Emperor Dural
3:27:46 - “YS” Emperor Dural
3:43:20 - “YS” Emperor Dural
3:58:53 - “YS” Emperor Dural
4:36:59 - “YS” Emperor Dural
4:48:40 - “YS” Emperor Dural
4:59:51 - demoted
6:25:25 - promoted
6:27:28 - “YS” Emperor Dural
6:41:01 - “YS” Emperor Dural