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talk about Max Payne or Sam Lake in this thread

quantum break was good. remedy really loves construction sites for videogame levels though.


That’s eery. Just been playing the first one. I thought the faces looked so fake, but if that’s his face then it’s closer than I thought.

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He came back as Cranston with a Gun, better than Jesus.

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The cemetary where his family is buried is called Golgotha Cemetary and it’s where the old max of exaggerated dark environments with inclement weather is last seen before he is reborn in the southern hemisphere as mp3 max to expel the organ merchants from the temple. rockstar wanted to bring max into a more real-ish world and they thought “how does someone continue to endure the kind of suffering max does and not crack up and eat a gun” so who better to model max off of than the champeen of suffering himself jesus christ

and also the unabomber


i wanna listen to HEALTH




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the best part of max payne* is the use of painkillers as the health regen mechanic

*you know, besides the name

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one time I played the co-op horde mode in 3 and I couldn’t be killed and finally I got bored and quit and then I saw that if I would of stuck it out a handful of rounds more me and the guy I was playing with would of been number 1 on the world ranking thing, for a while anyway

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Max Payne is a series begging for some kind of extended dissertation. Everyone remembers “oh that game was the best,” but it never comes up when people are talking about best games because it has all these weird little design decisions that are orthogonal to what’s been since codified as “good design.”

I feel a little sorry for Sam Lake though. I mean I dunno what he does with his time but it’s gotta be annoying to just be known as That Guy 20 years running.

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I’m sad that the PC multiplayer never took off for Max Payne 3. I really liked it but now I am remembering that it was super buggy and I can see that being offputting to a lot of people at the time.


3 is one of the most mechanically satisfying shooters I can think of off the top of the dome, but on a first run the sheer amount of cutscene breakup can really chafe.

It’s like Rockstar took all the interstitial exploratory poking and light platforming of the first 2 and slurried them into mini cutscene buffers.

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MMS bringing the goods itt.

I’m very interested in Quantum Break but I don’t have any sort of system that could run it. New computer is still at least 6 months out money savings-wise

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