Max Payne / Alan Wake / Quantum Break / Control


The prolouge to chapter 2 is trippy as hell.
Also running along the baby blood line made me wonder what a speed run of this game would look like?

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Max Payne is a game I always meant to play, but never got around to. Now it has been to long. Yay for bullet-time. Nothing is more fun than shooting in slow-mo.


So the start of chapter two ‘baseball bat’ almost forces you to jank the game. First real part of the game that fell apart for me.


I liked this character and her battle belt in quantum break

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some day I’m going to get to the bottom of this conspiracy on why starting at the tail end of the ps3 era games suddenly switched to having knock off versions of guns


i have never played a max payne so whoever wants me to give them my body in exchange for the whole series


i’ll buy you one an two for dat ass.


Oh man I remember this bit, fuck this bit.

Watching a video of it reminded me how hilariously huge the doors are.

Also I want to play all these games again.

EDIT: lol


Those old hallways are strangely comforting to me. Max Payne was one of the first PC games I bought for myself when I was a teen so it has a special place in my heart.

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Me too! You can hear about how purchasing Max Payne taught me about economics (and also me ruining a joke) on, uh, I think it was the most recent Holiday Deathcast.


It was the first game I downloaded an iso of


my friend sent me a HOT WAREZ COPY of the original circa 2002 and I have yet to play entirely through a version with the voices intact


Oh snap, me tooo


This was my first experience with the game, I had no idea what a game rip was at the time and assumed that there was limited voice acting until I bought my own copy to play beyond the first couple of levels.


There’s something really satisfying about the sound the game makes when you pick up a bunch of weapons at once and all the weapon pickup noises overlap and make kind of a chorus effect. An extra reward for killing a bunch of dudes in a clever manner.

I feel like it’s something distinctly from games made between 1998 and 2001 or so (maybe that’s just the time of my life when I played these games most heavily but whatever)


HL2 has the best multipickup sfx chorus. The best. Plus all those bright little icons popping up in a row on your HUD.


please don’t forget the movie which was gloriously stupid and knew it

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did it though?

too much shit-tier noir, not enough blood opera

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yeah but they put a camera on wahlberg’s gun and had him grimace into it for a 5-minute rampage

then the drug angels showed up


ur face is a drug angel that then showed up