Max Payne / Alan Wake / Quantum Break / Control

do they have 1913 rail or mlok attachments for go pros


also dont forget the GBA game


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Marky Mark movies are usually Max Payne quality or other.

I guess moviemax is pretty relatable.

the taurus judge backup piece

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I thought we all agreed that John Wick was the Max Payne movie?

Hell no. None of Max Payne is in that. Good movie, but cut from another cloth gunpowder singed cloth.

The GBA game was surprisingly excellent. It’s also the first Max Payne I played and the only time I finished the original, because the PC version I eventually played reliably crashed at the start of the final level.

Nah, following how much usually changes in a video game adaption, it really does work

Alright, let’s get Max Payne 3 time in, Join up so we can coordinate:

Also I found a thing:


Saves me having to try to get the first one working on my computer, it won’t even launch from steam

Have you tried shoving wiskey into your water cooling system?

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I’m posting about twin peaks and max payne and hitman in 2016 because a lifetime of depression has ravaged my hippocampus and left me stuck living in a loop and unable to feel or experience new things


Max Payne Shoot out night! Let’s get coordinated:

I have Max Payne 3 on Steam, but when I play I have to use the Rockstar Social Club. I don’t even know how to add people to my friends list on the social club. Please help?

How to add friends in Max Payne 3

1)Find a mate
2) mate vigorously until success is achieved
3) be aware that your offspring’s first cry is that which allows your soul to enter the social club if you:
4) sacrifice your mate and child silently because you 'don’t need the words’
5) Boot up Max Payne 3
6)Hit the home button
7) ask your self who the hell designed this godforsaken system
8) Click the social tab next to Home and Stats upon the top of your screen
9) feel grief for your actions
10) hit find player enter something like “Godamn_Milkman” for example
11) hit the + sign next to a head to add your desired target
12) shoot at people
13) play Max Payne 3 with friends

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Ya’ll ain’t postin enough.

So @BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE and @Iacus and I played some MP3 multi, and it was more fun than I thought it would be.

But I have now beaten MP 1 and 2 so i’m awsome, at being a save scum lord.

I think the first one is an amazing game. There were only two parts that really bugged me. One is when you are stuck with just the Baseball bat and I had to jank the game to get through that annoyed me a great deal. Second, when you kill Nicole Horn you don’t get to put a bullet through her, my blood lust was not satisfied. But overall, what a freakin AWESOME GAME. The story is amazing, questioning your sanity, bringing the occult to a noir setting, it’s just a gem.

The second one while more straight noir has some fun. I can see why people don’t like it as much, but the shooting is cleaner. I’m sure most would have some choice words about how Mona Sax is dealt with on multiple levels in 2016, but I thought she was awesome in the game as well. You can really see how they are able to up the design of the game itself by having more fidelity and stuff happening in the game. The only part I really didn’t like in this game was shooting the pipes out of the holes for the final boss. Really though I don’t get why people have to be down on this game, it’s great!

I’m curious about some of the mods, so far all I used was a sound patch on 1 then a widescreen fix for both to make them playable. But I know there’s some wonky matrix mods and what not.