Ooh, turns out the director, David Leitch, directed the action scenes in John Wick 1 (not 2) and has a super long career as a stuntman, doubling for Brad Pitt and JCVD!

PS: Never watch a trailer for more than 1 min



i guess between the fact that they’re making a 3 and a tv show and the actual content of part 2 I should probably kill the part of myself that misses the comparatively restrained and tasteful AssassinWorld Lore of part 1 and mentally prepare myself to chug that shit down


I literally can’t imagine watching John Wick and thinking “the thing that makes this good is the idea that the world hides a whole secret parallel economy of assassins, we should really painstakingly flesh out all the parameters and dimensions of that world”


On the other hand I’m not sure if I can watch another two hours of “John Wick uses the same exact moves to take out 95 guys”

IRL speedrun murder strats were a lot more fun the first time

Also for real how has nobody made this into a game yet you could basically just reskin The Club and give it a barely-there story and make bank


Also agree.

Maybe, they just, shouldn’t, make any more John Wick anything.


John Wick needs to be the next antagonist-turned-cherished family member of the Toretto Gang and I will not trust anyone in Hollywood until this happens


ok but if ludacris is tenshinhan and the rock is piccolo and statham is vegeta then




Just gonna skip right over Frieza huh


excited about all these actors except jason mantzoukas (who i would like in other things)

anyway let this lead to a dacascos renaissance where he becomes the giant action star he always deserved to be


okay nevermind this movie could be 25% jason mantzoukas as the ghost of his dog yelling about the complex rules for how assasins take dumps now and i’m still 110% in


I hope Tiger Chen has that same haircut in it.

I hope Keanu directs a motion picture again someday.


Just making it a full-on martial arts film is a very good direction to go


Hell yeah John Wick fights Mad Dog I’m in


charlize theron is frieza, because she sent vegeta to attack the earth, and she was the first villain in franchise history to be too evil to be brought in at the end


trying to figure out the difference between a wicklike and a wicklite


So many actors I like!


That movie looks quite bizarre in a way I suspect it won’t live up to. I’ll see it anyways tho


Yeah, pretty nice new grade of ensemble shoot em up!

And I’d call it lite.