while on the other hand I can say exactly who this trailer is for: me


as I suggested in my personal thread I’m pretty sure morpheus is playing Ghost Dog in this?




Yeah this is the stuff all right. This is the stuff right here.


I think lance riddick and peter serafinowicz are actually playing the same person and this is their true form



the real question, though:

is Ruby Rose specifically playing Leo DiCaprio circa 1997?


Mannnn I didn’t want more of its world all exposited and crap





this is what i would have done



matrix sequel with only those outfits now pls

god they all look even better than they did back then


that scarf could carry a whole new trilogy


these clothes+scarf are the most morpheu-ish you can get. i’d love to see that in a movie


neo: to unlock the secrets of the matrix you must find soft, breathable fabrics in muted tones–be always stylin, but lowkey…comfortable, but well-fitted. some lively patterns can also brighten your day.


I want to drink these people’s wine and have them show me their record collections


if I don’t see this movie soon I’m going to tactically blow my head off