I want to go late Thu-Fri night after work but I’ve got too many peeps that can’t until a weekend afternoon…must resist lone wolfing at the cinema.

She’s clearly replacing Justin Beiber of 2014.

Someone at work today gave away two pre-screening passes for tomorrow night so me and a coworker are going to see this. Super hyped.

John Wick 2 is the Fire Emblem Heroes of movies.


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I didn’t get there early enough for the advance screening.

People are watching John Wick 2 right now and I’m not one of them.


in this one i hope people get shot in places other than the head

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The AV Club review namedropped Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more excited ;_;

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I don’t get jokes but seriously if they kill his dog again I will not watch this movie so someone has to level with me here

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okay i watched john wick it was pretty darn good

my shitbox of a theater that always has some busted shit or leaves the lights on or fucks something up wanted me to watch this movie with a busted ass speaker buzzing in my ear. fuck you. my biggest regret in life is not robbing this place and it’s brokeback mountain protesting owners when they were still cash only

I think what we thought up til now was a fun comic book underworld of assassins might actually be some nightmare near future scifi libertarian solution to traditional labor being obsolete. every sixth person is now some hired gun corporations and cartels have on speed dial, probably rated and reviewed on a continental phone app. the sharing assassination economy.

Is that not literally what Shadowrunners are

yeah but that’s usually dressed up with elves and wires running out of peoples heads and shit. it was more disconcerting without all that was the thing

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they should reboot shadowrun and lose the dragons and magic and instead of tolkien and gibson copy blackhat and wick. iphone assassin apps and soy futures.

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can Millar’s Wanted be redeemed?

But magic is how the Indians throw off the shackles of the US and retake pretty much everything west of the Mississippi. That’s too good to get rid of.

Shadowrun without magic is just Neuromancer