I think MMA is boring because the most effective way to fight someone isn’t compelling to watch. I just thought it was a weird scene because that dude was selling the guns like they were super special and I just kind of got a ‘a screwdriver is a screwdriver’ vide from the whole thing.


Go away Glocks

You see that thing how they’re finally trying to get the Army pistol project off the ground with a Sig Sauer?


yeah, sig’s glock knock off. striker fired but still uses the p250 frame designed around a hammer and a 2 foot tall sig slide for that classic sig sauer high bore axis. people seem to like them though. sounded like it was a done deal and selected. also the pictures of the army model I saw looked like they were optics compatible which seems unusually progressive for the army. maybe now glock will see fit to sell their finger groove-less and ambidextrous gen 5 glocks to mere civilians sooner to make up the money they spent being forced to make such Drastic and Innovative changes trying to win this contract and the fbi one.


This is what I wanted that scene to be btw


Reviews I’ve seen keep underselling just how funny the montage where John is walking the street and every bystander is out to get him is by focusing on the part where him and Common trade silent potshots with each other.


Am I anti-American if I don’t care about any of this shit and just think the 92 is beautiful and therefore we should keep it. If it’s good enough for every John Woo movie it’s good enough for our boys


you people with your average to large physiques. what of america’s brave ectomorphs


I mean it’s an entirely ornamental weapon for a conventional military, may as well ornament that shit



it’s even better… In China it’s called high speed special attack, in Hong Kong it’s called murder god John wick and in Taiwan it’s called defense mission 2: return of the murder god


Shut up


Chinese movie titles are lit

ok i might have botched the first part of the taiwanese title, maybe it’s something more like ‘completing the mission’ or ‘upholding duty’ or something like that


Just saw it earlier tonight.

There was a point where I was going “Don’t pull that trigger, please don’t pull it” even though I knew full well it wouldn’t play out that way.


for a villain in the next one they should have a hitman who brings a shot timer when he kills dudes and is always trying to improve his times, a metaphor for capitalist efficiency or some shit


illegal immigrant hitmens taking all the job from earnest hardworking keanus


the guy who wrote the kane and lynch movie script worked on the john wick 2 script and the only good thing in the k&l script was a gunfight in a public place around a bunch of unaware people with movie quiet suppressors


David Leitch directing.




Well that was the whole film.