it's more fun to emulate


This is cool.



It’s even projecting a light from the TV based on the screen. I wonder how…is it a point light using that average color/intensity of the screen?


And now i notice rudie’s post and feel like an idiot.

I actually got a slim with reset glitch hack, after @Rudie posted a video around somewhere.

It already came with a polish version of one of those… It’s not a custom firmware, a software for FTP, file manager, and runs… Disc folders that are not images of discs, but the actual files, and patched (or not) so it runs better than an iso on RGH, but it also runs isos.

Did a thread that I asked some people to tell me a few titles… And I played quite a few. Then I got DS and DSII and I was lost forever.

Haven’t tried that many titles so far, but probably over 30.
That thing of being able to ftp anything over night, cause it is massively slow using a router, but can actually do an FTP only using wifi with a few clicks and button presses. It even works with windoes explorer… The file explorer… Thats how ridiculously easy it is.

From all the disc systems i try to use without discs, both xbox and x360 were the easiest, most comfortable, and with better interfaces.

If you want some tips on how to set the system with the latest software, and a few configs, I can send a few links your way. You can even download covers from a huge library of oficial and custom covers. It even downloads and runs trainers, never leaving the main interface (probably easier than the original MS one).

Buuut, we probably should PM for this. That’s not really emu material.

BTW @Rudie again, thanks a bunch for sharing that video around the forum.



That looks… exactly like Fallout??


FF7 was always a bit like chibi Fallout

EDIT: Wow at first I thought it was someone recreating the prerendered backgrounds in 3d and matching the angles but it’s actually neural network upscaling!


everything falls apart a bit and that 2xsai flavor comes through when viewed at 100%, but especially zoomed down it is neat to see what kind of detail can be preserved/created with the current tech


almost makes me think the ideal median is upscaling to 400% and then downscaling to 200% of original resolution so you get the increased detail while avoiding the neural network worminess


that’s an interesting thought

I should grab a picture of the FFXV implementation of neural net scaling, it’s truly disturbing (HDR has the unfortunate consequence of breaking screenshot utilities…until someone decides to fix it with a reverse tonemapping like the lovely Dragon Quest XI HDR hack)


After half-heartedly loading Cemu a few times on my machine in the past, I recently used these hot tips to get things working mostly real good:

I have a g3258 (dual core at ~4ghz), r9 380x & 12gb ram. Mario 3D World, Captain Toad and NSMB:U all run mostly at 60fps with the 1440p ‘graphics packs’ options. Vsync refuses to work properly full-screen, which I suspect is a driver issue, but works fine in a window.

Now daddy don’t have to squint at the 3DS for his Treasure Trackin’.



The Sega Chihiro was an xbox???


yeah dude


I’ve literally played Virtua Cop 3 on a modded Xbox once


Wow as someone that was obsessed with modded oxboxen I did not know that.


not supported yet, but I won an auction for a dual set of the old Actlabs VGA lightguns on ebay for a decent price, a few months ago, and then they never showed up :unamused:


In the past people were able to use a trick in minecraft to open a folder browser window and access the desktop via that window. That was patched already. It looks as if this user found a similar back door through an option in the steam program.

They rock a Tesla P40 and a Xeon E5 2697. Also, it’s an HVM domU server hosted by AWS. (I’m not 100% sure about the AWS part)

They’re using P40s because one GPU serves multiple users at once. up to “12 virtual workstations (2 GB profile)” simultaneously according to nvidias own datasheet. Saves power and space in their rack servers


i will post some of my emulation test videos here


oh is red dead that good in xenia now?

I’d given up looking at xenia, that’s great