it's more fun to emulate


Cemu definitely takes the shaders thing into account. It was running real slow for me the first three times I booted it up and last night Mario Kart was perfectly playable.



cemu is fantastic now, shame about the games

looking forward to rpcs3 getting there


Cxbx works great for Jet Set Radio Future and Galleon (hi @winkerwatson ).


cool as af


What about them, there aren’t many good ones?


if i can run dolphin and pcsx2, can i run cxbx?




Nothing useable to report yet, but u/beardypig is on the case, worth staying tuned imo

For a PS1 light gun (GunCon or similar) - not with out a custom connection to the GPIO pins or similar. However, a GunCon 2 (for the PS2) is very possible - it’s USB, so easy to connect to a Pi.

I have been working on a kernel module (driver) to support the GunCon 2 that will let you use it as a mouse and joystick which should work well with RetroArch. The GunCon 2 (and GunCon for that matter) work differently to NES Zapper style light guns, they know where on the screen they are pointed at all times (unless the screen is too dark, etc.). The current latest version of RetroArch supports this kind of light gun, as it is essentially an absolute mouse (same as the LCD light gun mentioned - LCD TopGun 3, Aimtrak, etc.).

I plan to release the kernel module soon, but I am still working on testing it. If anyone is familiar with the old drivers for the GunCon 2 (WinGun, etc.) you will know they have an issue with the X axis tracking, I have fixed this issue with the new driver and the tracking is reasonably accurate on a CRT TV (as good as it was on the PS2).


how’s rcps3 going? specifically re: demon’s


it’s basically flawless for demon’s, struggles on later PS3 releases especially if you have fewer than 6 cores


Apparently, Demon’s Souls has issues right now. Newer builds have borked the graphics output a bit, in that it can frequently show black flickering bands. I guess there is a special side build of RCPS3, to try and specifically avoid this glitched output. But they haven’t totally figured it out, yet.


still waiting for decent xbox emulator so I can play Ninja Gaiden.


It’s such a bummer that’s there’s a kickass Xbox emulator only it exists as as Xbox One X executable. I hoped that they woul have released the Xbox BC emulator on Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere thing or whatever by now, because Ninja Gaiden looks great at 4Kinda


oh god that boss

I actually want that sunday morning back


Are there qualities that make Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3?


other than that I don’t think the game aged particularly well beyond 2005, no

full disclosure I have not played sigma but I did get sigma 2 on a lark a few years ago and found it pretty boring compared to my memories of the Xbox original

something about those chonky polygons made a lot of its thinner and more obstinate design choices seem ambitious


I have never known the appeal of the 3d Ninja Gaidens


I keep hearing people saying all the Sigma versions were mostly downgrades beyond the higher resolutions but not really sure in what ways.


Sigma 2 & 3 were significant downgrades in various ways but all that I’ve read about Sigma 1 is that people are annoyed that it cut some puzzles and levels (which others claimed were deeply obnoxious). I played Sigma 12 years ago and am a little itchy to replay a version of NG1, whichever is considered The Best One.