it's more fun to emulate


Okay, yeah, withdrawn, those look p. bloody good.

Time to download a new emulator for the first time in years I guess.

My preferred CRT shader is the GTU v50 shader because it introduces the positive effects of CRTs without the drawbacks. I hate the over-prominent scanlines and pixels of most CRT shaders but I also hate the way emulated games look unfiltered, with heavy color banding and unblurred dithering. I want pseudo transparency to at least appear somewhat as intended.

I know that you can get good results from the most taxing crt shaders if you render your game at 4k resolutions and downsample (then the scanlines will not be disproportionate) but that’s way too much effort.


honestly I’d rather upscale everything but keep the texture warping


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This looks good except jesus christ what is that huge glow around the HUD text. I know CRTs have a glow to them but that’s some irradiated looking shit.

Here are some dumb results I got waaaay back when I had an old 480p pro plasma:

This is in MAMEUI, where I setup a custom scanline that was the thinnest line I could make, then ran the game at 640x480. I let the plasma do it’s natural thing w/r/t making colors pop. Here’s a non-PC example with the MW Collection on a 360 running at 854x480 over VGA:

I would take more pictures but it died shortly after doing this:

It fell on its remote. The remote was fine though.

Hey there’s some PSone games I was thinking I could emulate what’s the best emulator out there these days?

PS1 emulation is still a little all over the place compared to other consoles – it’s in mednafen but mednafen doesn’t do a great job; ePSXe has cool upscaling plugins but configuring it isn’t any easier than it was in 2001 and it doesn’t work on OSX; PCSXR supports ePSXe plugins but occasionally has audio glitches or uses more CPU than seems reasonable.

screenshots are not TOO telling on most games. I would have to take screenshot of both with and without filter to show why it has a fairly significant effect on the image.

psx emulation isn’t hard nowadays, the choice is pretty simple, go for high accuracy with the retroarch mednafen psx emulator or go for slightly lower accuracy but much easier upscaling with pcsx-reloaded

both of them have the texture warping fix.


what makes you say mednafen doesn’t do a great job? the retroarch version is basically perfect nowadays.

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it doesn’t have a proper upscaler and it won’t load ISOs larger than 670mb without a cuesheet

those two things bug me a lot

update your retroarch install? It has true upscaling


hm, I should look into that. thanks.

for MAME I am currently using CRT-geom-halation-interlaced-flat, which gets the closest I’ve seen to ‘what the pixel artist was seeing on their 1991 CRT’ without going wildly over the top.

Well I have attempted to use this emulator for 15 minutes, and in that time:

  • my GPU has jumped to 100% usage when the thing uses its default “faux-XMB” menu
  • the thing crashes on open if I select the wrong menu style (using rgui seems to work and not make my GPU hyperventilate)
  • menus are labyrinthine
  • it doesn’t recognise my Saturn USB pad straight away
  • I found that if there is a menu to configure and map inputs for said controller, I can’t bloody find it
  • a lot of the shaders/filters made Sonic 1 look real nice, but no scanlines
  • I crashed the thing by trying to go into a menu

I’m going to bed. Hopefully it will be usable tomorrow.

yeah, setting up the saturn usb pad is a bit more work than it should be.

Retroarch began life as a frontend for bsnes that expanded from there, so 6 button controllers are somewhat strangely abstracted (they work just fine, mind you, but need a bit too more effort than they should)

no idea about the gpu thing, the pseudo xmb menu works fine for me. Inputs are mapped in Input under the Settings tab.

Tulpa how do I apply that shader to my Shmupmame install

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I don’t think this is possible yet without a bit of hacking, as shmupmame doesn’t support custom shaders from what I can tell.

I played THPS3 in 1080p the other day that was cool

on ps2 games I upscale and use widescreen patches but upscaling ps1 games feels wrong

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Mednafen if you don’t care about upscaling (although it’s now supported, as I read in here? First news. I should also look into that)

It’s a super picky emulator. isos have to be in bin+cue format, BIOS files need to pass the proper checksum or it won’t work at all but it’s very accurate. Preserves the texture dithering of the original PSX. Slap a nice filter on top to blend the colors and it looks pretty authentic

Oh, yes. Retroarch is a usability and stability nightmare.
Ok/cancel buttons are reversed but if you change the bindings, the default arrangement in the consoles (say SNES, PSX) gets messed up.
It crashes at the slightest provocation.

I was using an old version until I upgraded yesterday. I had pretty good luck so far. Now it seem to actually save my configurations.

If you want a nice, convenient setup, I’d recommend slapping a(nother) frontend on top of that. Emulationstation is the less ugly, free, cross-platform one I know about. It also comes with its own set of problems, though (for example a shitty scrapper that doesn’t know half the games I throw at it)

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