it's more fun to emulate


Mednafen if you don’t care about upscaling (although it’s now supported, as I read in here? First news. I should also look into that)

It’s a super picky emulator. isos have to be in bin+cue format, BIOS files need to pass the proper checksum or it won’t work at all but it’s very accurate. Preserves the texture dithering of the original PSX. Slap a nice filter on top to blend the colors and it looks pretty authentic

Oh, yes. Retroarch is a usability and stability nightmare.
Ok/cancel buttons are reversed but if you change the bindings, the default arrangement in the consoles (say SNES, PSX) gets messed up.
It crashes at the slightest provocation.

I was using an old version until I upgraded yesterday. I had pretty good luck so far. Now it seem to actually save my configurations.

If you want a nice, convenient setup, I’d recommend slapping a(nother) frontend on top of that. Emulationstation is the less ugly, free, cross-platform one I know about. It also comes with its own set of problems, though (for example a shitty scrapper that doesn’t know half the games I throw at it)


Any experience playing games that require multiple discs? Until I saw this thread I was using xebra, but increased accuracy/user friendliness is what I crave. The mednafen wiki makes it seem unduly completed, something about creating .m3u playlists? I’m not the brightest bulb so be gentle please.


openemu uses mednafen as its ps1 ‘core’ & has disc swapping as a drop down menu, other frontends have probably done something similar


The thesis to this thread works in general, but Silent Hill is a bad example. It’s one of the few PlayStation games that uses the hardware limitations as part of its aesthetic. You tinker too much with the hardware crappiness, and you lose part of what makes Silent Hill so effective.


Yeah I want to do precisely no fiddling and accuracy is less important to me than convenience. I’d buy the games in question on PSN if there weren’t more recent titles I’m more interested in and didn’t have a limited gaming budget


I feel like if they wanted the texture warping they would have kept it in sequels. They kept the fog, even when they didn’t need it. I don’t think anyone has deliberately done the PS1 texture warping thing except that game Devil Daggers maybe?

I don’t know what they intended. I just don’t like looking at PS1 games because of how fugly they get.

I don’t really like this one, it reminds me too much of composite video.

I guess when I look at that Thunder Force score display I feel like my glasses are smudged. They could tone the bloom down.

This looks good but it’s just a bit too washed out and has just a bit too much bloom.

I’ve never used Retroarch because the interface is too confusing.


mednaffe is a simpler mednafen front end. Openemu is nicer if you’re on OSX though.


It’s completely tunable, you could adjust it to your taste pretty easily


And Eldritch!

That makes sense, I have the composite connection option turned on, I find that it applies just enough blur to the pixels that many intended effects work (most dithering gets blended, pseudo-transparency looks like real transparency, etc) With composite connection off it looks closer to pure pixel art, but is still worth using just for the sane black level and brightness settings (most crt plugins are either way too dark or way too bright)


I’ve only used mednafen through frontends, so I’d recommend looking at some mentioned here.

If you already have a decent collection of isos that aren’t in mednafen’s preferred bin+cue, prepare to do some converting. This can be pretty time consuming so at this point I’d may consider other options


Good to know that a decent front-end can remedy this to some degree. Thankfully my images are in bin+cue already.


Openemu is a nightmare in terms of its controller configuration and it adds appx 2 extra frames of lag to everything :frowning:


i use a dualshock 3 and it Just Works, everything gets auto-bound sensibly

didn’t know/notice re: the input lag mind

anyone have any experience with using a raspi as an emulation box?


Also Back in 1995!




Yeah, if OpenEmu has a preset for the controller, it’ll work oob, but it does some really dumb shit with inferred bindings based on axes that are basically unfixable.

And they’re working on the lag, but that’s a fairly large-scope project based on how they architected it.


UPDATE: it wasn’t.

I think this might be the first emulator to actually make me say, “fuck it, I’ll just hook up the [console].”


Did you try the magic trick of trying the next oldest version?


Nah. Given I have a plethora of reliable standalone emulators to rely on, I can afford to let these hyper-emus simmer until they get a bit more stable.


Wow I clearly need a new playstation emulator. I just have so little patience for learning new emu quirks these day. …and goddamn 2 frames of lag is just unacceptable. 16:9 mode though… That I can get into.

I just started using the latest PCSX2 along with a USB driver designed for racing wheels. My 5 year old $850 PC (at time of construction) now emulates Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift 2 (secretly one of the best racing games ever made) at a mostly steady framerate with full force feedback on my g27 wheel. Save state removes nearly all the game’s reload/restart headaches. Its great!

Is there a good dreamcast emulator out there? Back when I was trying to get one working to my standards I had the option of a few with full controller input but another that didn’t have analog gave me 16:9 rendering, Can I get 16:9 DC with proper control in 2016?

Is there a good PC engine emulator? I got one to play YS I+II years ago but all the options I tried couldn’t seem to scale properly. Every mode had some sort of distortion. Eventually I just fell in to YS hard enough to stop worrying about it but I’d still like to get a proper solution eventually. Its too bad I missed the boat on semi-affordable PC Engine hardware. I could have really gotten into that system.