it's more fun to emulate


Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2 are going for something but the streamlining they didn’t (Halo-style health regen) didn’t quite work and the encounters fell off of inspired and into frustrating a bit too often.

Ninja Gaiden to Devil May Cry is an almost perfect analogy to Nioh to Souls; a bit faster, a bit less fantasy and more comic book, ultimately representing the best of the runners-up.


I’ve never played Ninja Gaiden Black. So I don’t have personal experience with it. I do own Sigma. but some things I remember hearing are that Sigma gives you some/all of the weapons (you find them in the levels, rather than buy them) and you get a couple of them possibly much earlier than Black otherwise does. You walk on water just by pushing forward (I guess in Black, you have to do a rythmic pulse between a couple of buttons to water walk). And…some other things I don’t remember.

A friend of mine was really pissed when he watched me water walking with no big deal. I think its sort of a right of passage kind of mindset. Like, he had to deal with that and that informed his sense of achievement with the game. But I didn’t. So he doesn’t like Sigma.


More like Ninja Gaiden LIGMA.

How decent are the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ models at emulation and outputting composite 240p video? I’m thinking about getting one because having seven different displays throughout the house that I use frequently with various consoles and methods of emulation available on each one somehow is not enough to satisfy my urges.


What are the best emulators that are vita vpks?



First blessed now pissed…because 8x upscaling in Beetle PSX HW with certain shaders, was beginning to be my true jam playing Vagrant Story.

Now it’s inexplicably crashing with anything past 4x although I’ve nuked all configs! Supposing it’s the effect of a nightly build update or something, tempted to start fresh and see if there’s any difference.


Cratered and back to formula


Can you still get the older version? Sometimes you can. People do it, to maintain working status for their fave games with fave settings.


Absolutely, I didn’t compare version specifics to know fully but soon as I installed the last major release, all is well again. Already transplanted what was needed from a copy, seemingly good to go. Dodging further updates a while.


I want this very badly.

Also to get my shaders to appear in Beetle PSX HW fullscreen, probably kind of scaling mishap. While they work on all other emulators in fullscreen…



I still haven’t figured out why crt-royale does a full-screen rescale every few seconds these days (wobbling/blinking everything, it’s awful-looking); I think it’s about my display but it should be GPU scaling only


Yeah, I can go as far as 7x windowed, but anything above that to fullscreen loses any kind of scanline in my shader, only on anything PSX. From the little I could find specifically relating to my case, seems like it could be related to using the Vulkan driver instead of gl.

I’ll mess around with it again later, probably need to try another core with gl first. If anyone’s been able to (in Retroarch) fullscreen a PSX core with 1920 x 1080 / 3840 x 2160 resolution and noticeable scanlines, I’m curious to know what your overall settings/options/shaders are.


What abvout borderless windowed mode, which looks like fullscreen? (and often then passively borrows V-sync from windows aero).


Highly illegal


Is the PCSX2 framerate indicator a liar? I see a locked 60FPS in Virtua Racing Flat Out (confirmed with MSI Afterburner), but the game stutters just a bit in certain areas. Perhaps this was the case on original PS2 hardware?


it is a dirty liar. i’ve seen it tell me games are running at 100% when they’re chugging, and 32% when they’re running fine


Yes it runs poorly on an actual ps2, so that’s accurate.


I don’t know about scanlines but I use Zombs shader pack and love it.


If I’m not mistaken, 60fps in PCSX2 indicates the emulator is running well. The games themselves, have their own independent framerates.


I’d like to see the Star Wars mode 7 Hoth level, with that.