it's more fun to emulate


i really hate this



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cemuhook is pretty much not a thing anymore now that cemu implements h264 decoding itself and no longer vsyncs too aggressively in breath of the wild, right? so if I update I should get rid of it?

cemuhook still handles motion control stuff if you were so inclined to set up a DS4 or Switch Procon for use with Cemu

let me talk again about how Splatoon is perfectly playable in Cemu


Trying to gather a few more opinions on this before I get started

Looks like the Capcom arcade console shitshow led the Final Burn Alpha devs to move to a new fork

Adds support for Midway stuff like Mortal Kombat, vector arcade games and Neo-Geo CD


from some guy’s twitter, rom is out there


that font looks way better on a real crt


Anyone know good emu handhelds?

I’m really looking for is something I can play up to PS1 games (maybe saturn) on and most if they even have shoulders have only one set.

I’m tempted to just add my own to an existing prefab case but it would be nice to have an out of the box option.
Id also accept something with 6 face buttons and shoulders. Just need enough buttons really.

@HOBO’s Vita will do you good up to PSX; mine is lovely for the task.

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I don’t think even retroarch iOS runs saturn yet (the core hangs when I try to load it though I was able to compile it), your best bet there would be streaming from a desktop

the good news is that you can now softmod any Vita regardless of firmware version and slap retroarch on there and then enjoy retroarch problems on the go (though you wouldn’t need it to run PSX games since the system can do that natively)

the bad news is that Vita ownership means you’re a pervert. an anime pervert.


i’ve accepted this long ago

  • Mario Kart Advance – VBA Next – 5 frames ahead – runahead – second instance – 65-75 fps
  • Super Mario Advance – VBA Next – 2 frames ahead – 2 instances – 86fps
  • Mario Kart Advance – VBA Next – 2 frames ahead – 2 instances – between 65 – 75 fps full speed
  • Mario Kart Advance – VBA Next – 2 frames ahead – 1 instance – 50fps
  • Super Castlevania 4 – Snes9x 2010 – 5 frames ahead – 1 instance – 68fps
  • Super Castlevania 4 – Snes9x 2010 – 5 frames ahead – 2 instances – 140fps
  • Sonic – Genesis Plus GX – 5 frames ahead – 2 instances – 125fps
  • Streets of Rage 2 – Genesis Plus GX – 2 frames ahead – 1 instance – 117fps
  • Super Castlevania 4 – Snes9x 2010 – 2 frames ahead – 1 instance – 100fps
  • Super Castlevania 4 – Snes9x 2010 – 2 frames ahead – 2 instances – 135fps
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I know @scratchmonkey mentioned having an LDK Game, but have any of y’all used the recent crop of super bootleg Chinese handhelds?

Right now the two main big ones seem to be the LDK Landscape and the BittBoy PocketGo, with preference seeming to lean toward the LDK. Seeing as the PocketGo is based on the old Revo101K+, I’m…inclined to believe it. That thing was weirdly super stuff and mushy and not pleasant to use.

I just want something I can slip into my pocket and sneak some levels of SMW with at work (I know I could do this with my phone but y’know).

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yeah they weren’t kidding about the speedup they mentioned in the patreon update this week

skate 3 on 4 threads still isn’t really happening but it’s definitely closer