it's more fun to emulate


Vita emulation appears to be starting in the most predictable possible way.


more proof that you can’t escape fate


Cell phone shots of RetroArch running at 3840x480 with integer scaling and a scanline filter on a CRT computer monitor:


not safe for work


Lookin’ good dude.


This dude mentions Chorensha legit as heck @BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE


is there a text article that’ll tell me all the stuff i can do with a modded 360?



Region free
Install disc games play without disc
Free games
Emulate the same shit you can emulate everywhere else but the FBA seems pretty good.
This dude actually ported mame to the 360 so he knows what’s up.
Chorensha was actually running the oxbox version through a shell.
N64 emu is still lol.

Showed off Mushihimesama so I was happy with that. Knowing I could own Muchi Muchi Pork again.

I am mostly considering this for MMP and I bought NnB and Ghostbusters and they won’t freaking download. Maybe I can steal them and they will work.

The way bypassing the protection is interesting/longterm worrying. It sends different electric currents to override the access protection.

Edit: he did not go into whether you can just grab xbla games.


i remember hearing years ago that hacked 360s offer better and region free backwards compatibility, is that the case?


Oh he was…vague with that. He said it supported at least booting up 80% of the library and said he had another video going over that but didn’t click. It did sound like you could also play oxbox games off harddrive.




I got a modded 360 mainly so that I can play some obscure delisted XBLA games. And Operation Darkness (I live in PAL land (we got A-Train though)).


This guy’s posts are incomprehensible. Calamity is apparently working on something similar.

Should check in on the forums more often, here’s Calamity’s first video of his test ‘frame slicing’ build from back in March doing current-frame input response in the Amiga driver.

Mark, the guy from BlurBusters, is developing methods to do this without direct polling of scanlines (which is hard to do cleanly in Linux). This means the method should be cross-platform, eventually.


Huh, I never knew about this. Cool.


urgh, this just reminds me how much I hate this part of MAME



This is incredibly cool.