it's more fun to emulate



Really not sure how I feel about this.


I can see why this could be conflicting, but also 1) all forms of hardware (HDTVs, wireless controllers, streaming devices, etc) introduce varying levels of input lag as it is, and 2) this could actually help with making rhythm games more emulatable.

On the other hand, you could say some games intentionally use input lag in tandem with human reaction times, and this could make those games super weird feeling. Though, I mean, a one-frame difference.


Mm, I’m a grumpy old man I guess. If there’s a frame or two of lag present in the game as it was released, then that’s…part of the game. That’s something the player learns to take into account. It’s a piece of what makes up the gamefeel (do we like that word? I like that word).

I reckon if hardware is what’s causing the majority of lag, then hardware should be the focus of improvement. Granted, that requires a lot more :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:, but hell, there has to be some application for ultra-fast response displays other than vidcons.

grumble grumble


it’s honestly just needlessly computationally difficult to do without emulation tricks like these – and they could always adjust the run-ahead compensation to be one frame slower than it is right now, making it timed exactly with the original game (without it, I think, the best emulation is at least one frame behind and sometimes two or three). you can’t be too picky about internal process (computers do a lot of dumb shit you don’t have to be aware of normally) if the input and the output are faithful.


It’s worth noting that this is not becoming default behavior; it’s an option with configurable run-ahead. I see it as being in the same vein as sprite-upscaling algorithms and advanced texture filtering for 32-bit systems, etc. Not “accurate” by certain definitions, maybe not something I’m interested in as a regular mode of play, but interesting and worthwhile nonetheless.


I’m just curious if people are going to try and cheat RE: speed running. But I don’t know enough about the speedrunning community to say if that would be a successful ploy or not


There have been, at least, various examples of people getting next frame (perfect) output with MAME. There is still some sub-1-frame lag introduced so it’s a probability/timing thing (did the input start closer to the start or end of the frame) though.

Also if you’re down with running a CPU intensive frame_delay setup those sometimes-perfect results require, run-ahead apparently requires less power if I’m reading correctly.

Though still a ton it seems, like if implemented in say the higan derived accuracy cores apparently no one has a machine fast enough to run 2 frames ahead atm? Quite a lot of dollars to play your mareos.


Sorry if I shouldn’t ask but, cool Xbox Classic Emulator?
I have one with a pretty decent setup for myself. I would like to see at least a picture of an emulator at 800x600.
Takashi and myself have this discussion going on if Xbox Classic renders 480p (lets assume 640x480px on a 4:3) for myself. Tak says that the console actual machine renders 800x600, then gets the screen’s texture/picture, scales down to 640x480 with some machine cool anti-aliasing, and then finally you get a 480p out of that scaled down picture, or fractures it for 480i signal.
I got it working on a pretty clean 480p every game I tried… maybe… Oo.
I could increase the res to 720p on the machine itself, and for on the games.
But all attempts to get a superior analogue signal through VGA Din15 cable seem… weird.
So components does 480p, and 720p… 800x600… not so good.
My attempts to do those resolutions on the PS2 are kinda hilarious.


I still have like a professional crisis whenever I think about how I don’t care at all about hogan-accurate emulation given the CPU burden


I think the very neatest game emulation stuff is non-accuracy focused

eliminating sprite flicker, overclocking slowdown, 60fps patches, megadrive recolors, gameplay hacks, can someone re-balance Actraiser 2 with a deadly mix of game genie codes?

look this is not emuation related, but did you guys know the Saturn port of Outrun has an option in the menu to force all objects on the screen to update every frame rather than alternating half and half I didn’t wowzers




What websites are even still around for OGXbox homebrew? I made an attempt to get some new stuff on mine a while back but all my old bookmarks just go to read sites now (rip Xbox-scene forums) and that just made me so discouraged.

Is Xbins still a thing with its ridiculous IRC bots giveing temporary access to the FTPs?


people have made cheats to make actraiser 2 harder

i actually think actraiser 2 is a really solid platformer but you have to approach it more like a makaimura or ghouls and ghosts type game.


I gotta say that the raspberry pi scratched my mod-an-Xbox-into-an-emulation-rig itch. Am I missing out on anything?


If you don’t have a need to output not-240p (that’s where you want a Wii) resolutions up to 720p over analogue video and audio cables then pretty much only original Xbox games I would think.


My last check a year ago CoinOps was still getting updates and now does everything so wherever you get CoinOps.

I have a folder on my computer with a bunch of Xbox garbage. And yeah you still had to do wired connection to transfer stuff over FTP.


Yeah, I don’t get the resistance to these input lag tweaks.
I mean, if you want exact emulation. Ok dude, set those settings and enjoy. Other people wanna play demon’s souls without frame drops. Or barrel through a group of enemies in Mega Man X, with no slowdown. Or decrease load times. And remap controls. Or speed up text or
…so I don’t see lowering input lag as anything other than another option, for those who want it and have hardware which can do it.


Nah, kapoof. Like big smokey thingie and all gone like a bunch of ninjas.

at the time of mid stage development of 360s, good old bill saw a fully (hard/soft) modded xbox. The dude was impressed and wanted to know about the dudes that did it. In more oficial sounding rumour-ish words, “ol’bill wanted to reach out to the community of the xbox moders (modders?!?), hard and soft ware, and hear them”. Like some dudes working on homebrew graphics stuff at the time when PS2 was going, they were either absorbed by their impressive feats, or persecuted within the law.
It is evident though that those early easy and to the point xbox mods, both in hardware and specially in software, did what was the 360 experience with chats, browsers, videos, and obviously the games in HDD as comercial experience (more than the classic ever did with it’s glorified memcard).

I like to believe most of the people that worked during the xbox mod scene were absorbed by MS. Possibly under contract, they were kinda inclined to get their commercial rights on the stuff they did for the scene, as far as code goes.
You can still get binaries around online, done during the time the xbox mod scene was a thing. At least the necessaries for Softmod an xbox.

Shame is that now… you can’t get anything like an xbox classic C or C++ devkit.
Obviously said compiler do exist out there for free download… with minimal support… and whatnot.
But nothing as easy as to get an example compiled for a GBA, PSP, GC, probably even for Mega Drive is easier to get a functional and more “supportive” compiler and tools.


Is NeoGeo 64 emu still a far off dream?