it's more fun to emulate


those benchmarks don’t say if async compute is on (essentially the 8X TSSAA option), which is a thing Maxwell doesn’t do, Pascal kinda does in a hacky way and GCN actually does properly and thus gets the AA for essentially no cost

anyway, Vulkan is cool. running the Vulkan codepath for Doom in Wine gives pretty near native performance. it’s cool.


obligatory joke about how Nvidia doesn’t implement OpenCL, it implements CUDA


Nvidia has definitely been pretty great about responding to AMD’s alternative APIs, by squeezing the usuals. IIRC, they improved their Direct X performance a lot in Battlefield 4, after AMD did the Mantle thing.

Here’s a recent look at Wolfenstein:

I wonder if that performance scales with less CPUs? One of the benefits of Mantle and presumably Vulkan, is that demand for a good CPU is less. Peak performance may be similar, but I wonder if they dropped in i3 in there or a non-K i5 or something.

Yeah the Cemu devs chose OpenGL for compatibility with other OS (linux) and probably because lots of consoles used modified OpenGL. So I’m assuming emulating might kind be more like porting in some aspects, with OpenGL. And other Emu community people would probably be able to contribute more. Whereas Vulkan might be less charted waters. Although the RPCS3 guyse seem to have no issue, there. But they seem to have pretty talented people working on that PS3 emulator. It has OpenGL, too.


It’s definitely not more fun to emulate.


you can’t really initiate psychological time travel through emulation, but it’s a lot easier to take screenshots n shit

so it’s different knds of fun


It sounds like you’re not a fan of problem solving (of dumb problems) and comparing minute differences between largely identical setups

I bet you even like those fancy all-in-one dealies like RetroArch instead of having 20 different emulators strewn about on your hard drive too


well, I don’t know about you, but I’m having fun


what DE even is that?


Cinnamon, Mint-X theme, high contrast window borders and then high contrast turned on in accessibility options to invert most UI colors, creating the white window bars with black outlines

it’s a bit silly, but it looks nice


Playing videogames? Pathetic.


pretty sure there was more setup than playing

the setup is the fun part though


yeah i mean I’m the person that spent money on a premium version of launchbox/bigbox because all I really do is organize

the year is 2X18, the player is dead


A few years ago I spent like 3 solid days reading up on Skyrim modding and then actually doing it. And once I had a nice balance of game doesn’t crash Vs. mods: I wasn’t really interested in playing it all that much.


does this count if it’s an arcade game running on a non-native platform


Emulation doesn’t necessarily have to imply a different CPU architecture, but that’s pretty much the accepted meaning (even though no one would suggest that e.g. PSP on Android isn’t emulation), and this is not that!



oh darn I just posted this at the exact same time in the news thread

anyway I am so pumped someone did this, I thought of it at one point but I thought I was just being dumb


yeah seems real cool


dwedit did great work in the GBA emulator scene back in the day too, I’m pretty sure that the “actually you can run original GB/C stuff in software on the GBA ARM CPU just fine, the hardware Z80 was never necessary for backwards compatibility and thus it works on a DS too” solution was largely them


Guess I have them to thank then for being able to play through Zelda:LA, Metroid 2, and DK94 on my GBA flash cart then!