is anyone else playing dragon's dogma on switch


my fav is the forgery dude just sitting on the floor of what’s left of the alehouse but still down to do some crime


two people rented my pawn this week, but i got zero rift crystals from each one… which means i guess they picked her and then immediately chose someone else. ;-;


I think I have been using yours since the first few hours. Do you get the rift crystals automatically or is that like a gift chosen by the player?


I don’t think anyone has used mine at all :confused:


are we switch pals? i’ll take yours out. some people’s names are different than on here and i’m not always sure who is who.

i think the way it works is that rift crystals come in, but the pawn has to be released, and then the next time the player rests at an inn it uploads everything to the server — then you should get the rift crystals.

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Ah cool,

Pretty sure we are switch pals. My pawn is Heidi, unfortunately she’s probably a bit too low level to be of much use


Took her out! We battled a hydra and some dragons! She did surprisingly well. Gifted her/you with a few new pieces of gear to enhance survivability/fashion. I just synced with the servers so you’ll get them next time you rest! I’ll rent her again too.



I sent Lyssi back to the rift last night. I don’t think I have much cool loot so I think I just gave her an agate or something. Honestly I don’t even really know what stuff is useful to gift

I believe I have taken out @woundww 's pawn for the second time now. First time she unfortunately fell into a pit and died before I knew what was happening. Hopefully this time will be more lucky


i think i accidentally gave one of y’all a rank fish lol


I just hired a SBer’s pawn for that goblin siege in the western area. Not sure whose though.

Compared to playing around launch on the PC, it feels like there’s barely any pawns of any given level/class available.


actually here’s my favorite thing about this game:


yeah, i got 62k from you so you must have used her for a while! thanks!!

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I just checked and apparently she was in my party for 20 out of my 27 hour play time, lol


I’m playing this for the third time, but I’ve only finished the main quest on PS3. And I’ve never really delved into the post game. Hoping to do that this time.

Anyway, my friend code is SW-2143-8189-6030 if anyone wants to hire my mage pawn Bigby. I’m currently in the low 20s and will probably be progressing fairly slowly.




whew, BBI is tough going as a sorcerer. a lot of running around trying to lose aggro. scraped our way to daimon but can barely damage him while he trounces us. I don’t remember it being this rough! I think that’s cause I was a melee class last time i did this.

gonna have to liftstone out and comeback better supplied i guess! not like the other monsters were pushovers. i was thinking level 80 would be enough, but guess not.

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I’ve never tried BBI as a sorcerer but that sounds really tough :frowning:

like, the way I imagine I would go through it is with the wyrmking’s ring + cast speed augments + spell syncing with pawn just so you can get spells off but again, haven’t tried it


the whole island is full of high physical defense monsters and suddenly here’s this jerk that’s resistant to all magic but holy :confused:

i think attacking his head will briefly stagger him, and holy focused bolt spam is effective. high comestion might stagger him on the ground? fast casting spells are the way to go for sure tho

(on my mage playthrough i think i just switched to magic archer, an eightfold bolt to the dome will stop a lot of his bullshit til he gets mad and starts spamming spells)


I think I just encountered a nasty bug that cost me a bit of progress. Last night I completed the Greatwall quest, and was told go see the Dragonforged. I decided to go back into the Greatwall to explore a bit more since I mostly ran through it before, and I found a door that seemed like a back way out. This loaded into a new area and I got a new quest update that was ‘final battle’.
I warped out to go talk to the Dragonforged, and he mostly just said the door is open, no more time for words etc. Seems I accidentally skipped part of the quest?

Anyway, I went back to Gran Soren, changed vocation and did a few other things, saved and quit. Today I reloaded, went to Bitterblack Isle and fought my way to the first boss. Got killed and reloaded at the entrance to BBI, fought back to the room before the boss and saved.

After the boss fight, one of my pawns was killed so I reloaded from last checkpoint to try again, and for some reason it took me all the way back to the Greatwall and my current quest is back to 'Talk to the Dragonforged". Seems my accidental (and very easily done) sequence break prevented checkpoints from saving? Pretty annoying, but I guess I will see whether I missed anything important from the Dragonforged anyway :confused:


so the game makes two saves, one is the manual one you invoke, and a checkpoint save (usually after you rest or come out of a rift stone). the wording isn’t clear at all, but one of the options on the continue screen will restart from your last save or the game’s. that’s a pretty big gap though.

i’ll give daimon another try with magick boosting items. or maybe i’ll just switch to magick archer… that’s probably a lot easier…

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