is anyone else playing dragon's dogma on switch


we’re back for a good ole dragon’s doggin’. will this thread be me posting alone? let’s find out!

i bought the switch version on a whim and it’s good to have this in my hands. the only thing i feel it needs is gyro aiming as aiming with the joycon is bit rough, so i’m leaning away from the archer classes this time.

anybody playing? wanna rent each other’s pawns? is there an easy way to get screenshots off switch without posting to social media?

in closing, i hope dragon’s dogma 2 has dogs


i am wondering if i should just do my first bbi run as magical archer or reroll to fighter or something

i’m just worried about having to do magic stuff in bbi but it’s never stopped me before

my pawn is of course rusted daggers ranger so either he shoots things or climbs them and torpors them it’s dope


yeah im playing, trying out magic this time


How is the performance? I’ve been wanting to get into this for years and it sounds perfect on a handheld.


works fine for me


pretty solid for me so far! i think it’s based on the very nice pc port.


Sweet. This is looking like the version of Dragon’s Dogma I finally get.


There’s a bit of pop up compared to the pc version but it looks great otherwise. My memories of the 360 version are so hazy and positive that I can’t tell you if the draw distance for interactive characters/objects is better or worse.

Is there an official switch friend code spot?


there’s a spot in our profiles for it, but i don’t think most people put it in.

here’s lyssi! add me as a switch bud so you can rent her for free!


i am! my switch id is in my profile i think


I was kinda interested in this because the price is right, but I don’t know a whole lot about the game, is this basically a Japanese Skyrim, or more like a Monster Hunter clone?
How generic are the fetch quests?
I heard there’s a fair amount of jank, but what kind of jank / how jank / is it good jank?

thnks in advnce


hell yeah

SW 0505 8941 6313


i added a bunch of you on switch :slight_smile:
happy to be playing this game again, i feel like i’m going to stick with it properly this time


It feels like a lot of the DNA of Capcom’s D&D belt scrollers is rolled into this. The combat is fun. Leveling through the job system offers a bunch of variety. Different classes play like homages to different games. The fighter has a couple of Dante’s moves, the Strider has a bow and sword and class skills that emphasize climbing on monsters, the mystic knight’s special abilities are all about shield parries, one of the archer classes let’s you go into an fps view.

The game handles night time beautifully, and things can get really frenzied when you’re in the wilderness at night surrounded by a pack of wolves or happen across undead with only your party’s lanterns to light things.

There’s very little BioWare/Bethesda style roleplaying with dialog trees and quest options but there are some moments that really stand out as a result.


night time and how much of a trek moving between places feels is what always gets me so excited about this game.



And yeah, I was compelled to use the fast travel items as little as possible just because getting around can be so exciting—plus there’s always stuff to find.


i think i’ve got everyone!

did you know that if you’re playing in docked mode you can touch the map in the corner to bring up the full map? it’s a nice touch!

and yeah! in the beginning i recommend laying off the fast travel until you’re more familiar with the world. everyone needs to get lost at night at least once!


there’s also like, a pretty deep system around customizing how your pawns behave in and out of combat using a system of what are called “inclinations”

and you can actually get your pawn to do some really cool stuff using it!

I love this game because it feels like how monster hunter would be if you could just have your friends playing with you all the time

and it kind of works like that if you just bring all of your friends’ pawns with you! yay

I might start over again - already beat daimon in bbi with the magick archer and like, magick archer absolutely destroys bbi content but I just love the sword and shield stuff in this game so much that I might reroll fighter. then the decision is whether to make my primary pawn the same rusted daggers ranger build, or whether to make it a sorcerer because too many sorcerers have a guardian/nexus inclination combo :frowning:




Where were y’all when this released on PS360, PC, and then again on PS4/One?