is anyone else playing dragon's dogma on switch


playing dragons dogma


deeply not-getting this game?? dang



this is the third time i’ve bought this, i just wanted to play it while snuggled up in bed lol


i don’t want to finish this because i don’t want to solve the mystery of the dragon’s dogma. whatever it is can’t be as good as all the possiblities of what it could be


Okay I took the plunge. Might wait a bit until I finish a few other games before I start this one.

I added a few of your friend codes (I’m Chimbuku), feel free to accept or reject at your leisure

How does the pawn sharing thing work? We just share codes?


When you get an hour or so in you get to summon pawns from “the rift.” There’s a part of the menu there dedicated to your friends’ pawns, and sometimes they just show up and hang out in the void automatically. Friends’ pawns can be hired for free which can lead to some level discrepancies (you usually have to pay substantially extra the bigger the level gap). Early in the game it’s probably a bigger deal, once you’re into it and everyone is on their second or third job, skills become a bigger factor and level really only affects HP.

I’m doing my best to keep pace with everyone else level wise, although everyone else went magic to start for their main and combat for their pawn whereas I’m he opposite so I might not be offering a lot.


i am striving for a useful support mage pawn, their gender is Elf & they will keep you alive

also for the new folks: try to avoid warrior pawns. warrior is super fun and good as your job but the AI has no idea how their charge attacks work and will spam the weaker-than-a-light-attack barely charged version


ah fuck


they can still be decent tanks! just don’t give them any charge skills. i mostly mention it because a lot of online pawns will have them and basically waste a party slot if you hire them


it also helps to only equip the pawn with the skills you absolutely want them to use, so you might end up leaving some skill slots blank. it feels counterintuitive, but it works!

my fighter pawn has no shield skills equipped. she uses her shield to block and that’s about it.

people will also do things like give ranger pawns tenfold flurry and a bow only, no daggers, to ensure they only fight at range. it works!

so think a bit differently when equipping your pawn with skills everybody, less is best sometimes.


ok so I restarted, gonna go fighter because dragon’s maw is just too fun

still gonna do rusted daggers ranger pawn just for consistency’s sake

I’m finding that challenger/mitigator inclinations work well enough for a ranger, but if I want to get him to actually climb a boss to torpor it I have to hit up on the d-pad to tell him to “go”

it’s making me wonder if I might be better off with a strider pawn instead with scather/challenger? or utilitarian/scather


and just for reference: pawn inclinations influence how your pawns go about doing things in the world and what they prioritize doing

you can raise or lower these inclinations by just doing things in the world - different things change inclinations differently. so using the dpad to tell your pawn to “Go” will raise its Pioneer inclination, whereas using “Help” a bunch will raise its nexus inclination I think? and “Come” raises guardian

but the easiest way to change them is to use the inclination potions that you can get from the mysterious person next to the rift in that first base camp you end up at (where you get your pawn)

the top two inclinations that your pawn possesses are the ones that will affect things the most, which is why inclinations are mostly talked about in terms of pairs. they’re even displayed as “Primary” and “Secondary” when looking at a pawn’s status in the rift! there’s a hidden “Tertiary” inclination that’s just the third highest inclination as well which influences things, but less so than your primary and secondary obviously.

so when thinking about inclinations for your pawn, it’s important to think about what you want your pawn to be doing - having your pawn as a Guardian/Nexus combo when they’re kitted out as a fighter or strider is really bad, because what that does is make it so your pawn just hangs out next to you the whole time (the guardian inclination means your pawn just wants to be near you and Nexus is about healing). so the natural inclinations for a strength-based pawn are scather, challenger, mitigator, and utilitarian depending on who you want the pawn to target first

likewise you’ll want to avoid your mages having pioneer, but having one of the other inclinations be scather or challenger or mitigator helps your mage do something other than try and heal you the whole time

utilitarian is kind of the x factor inclination - it’s really reliant on your pawn’s knowledge of the bestiary. so with a low knowledge pool your pawn just kind of acts neutrally, but with a high knowledge pool your pawn will know to like, climb up to the cyclops and hit its eye, or attack specific parts of a hydra, or set a chimera on fire

this also applies when getting pawns from the rift! when checking a pawn out you can look at its “status” and then scroll to the last page to see its primary and secondary inclinations. so if you see a ranger or fighter or something with guardian/nexus steer clear because that pawn will just sit next to you and take every aoe targeting you. unfortunately a lot of strength-based pawns have that inclination combo :frowning:

god i love this system


i’ve tried to get into this three or four times now and i love the atmosphere but i always get lost

i think last time i got to a point ~8 hours in where everything was just way too tanky so i guess i made a mess of my build or something

any tips???


enemy levels can vary wildly depending on where you go, but the game really gives no indication of what level enemies are. the bandits on the south road to the witchwood are particularly spicy at the start of the game, for example!

whereabouts are you at in the story? what’s your party makeup? you’re pretty squishy when the game starts out but when you start hitting the 20s you have a bit more clout. keep your gear fresh and enhance it when you can. pawns you hire also don’t gain experience, so be sure to switch them out regularly.


Since this is my second time starting, I kind of knew what I was in for, but also was apt to get ahead of myself. I had forgotten how tough those bandits are, and had a great running battle with the second group at a lower level than I probably should have been.

Those optional escort missions are a good way to get over your head fast too. I had forgotten how early those open up. But they’re also the perfect way to fill out your map.

I just started hunt license guy’s quests. I’m trying to stay up on those From Another Sky quests too. Last time I ignored those and all the back tracking and low level monsters made them feel like a chore when I finally did knock them out. Since I’ve been kind of running through the game’s front half this time, they’re a nice pretense to go back and explore a bit.


Like others I have stopped & started over this game many times

My absolute favorite part is when you make it to the big city, and in this inconspicuous building is actually the entrance to this huge dungeon, you take a big spiral ramp down into this pit and explore a bunch of side rooms, then you have to sprint out because tentacles start popping out of the floor to kill you.

I just felt like moments like this were spread way too thin…if the game had been a little bit more dramatic, linear & scenario driven I could go for that…the whole thing feels a little unfinished. I wish they made a real sequel right away instead of investing all that energy into the mmo and the ports.

Or maybe I didn’t get far enough…? Maybe I should have done less side quests? I want to love it so bad


credits rolled, i guess now i shld check out bitterblack island? too much to do


Started playing this now

What’s the deal with the pawns with child bodies having normal voices in the rift, but then having weird helium fueled voices everywhere else?

I tried to create a bratty mage kid sidekick, so I picked what seemed like a kid’s voice but now she just sounds like a chipmunk


there are some unique weapons and armor at the black cat that i’ve overlooked in many play throughs due to poor stats. but some are pretty neat. one turns your warrior into a tank, making all enemy aggression go to them!

this guys channel in general is an incredible resource for the games nuts and bolt details.


i edited my characters a bit to reflect the changes over their journey. fighting dudes has made lyssi beefier and more buff. Narika has gotten into magic pretty heavy, she even got some runic face tats and shaved her head. lyssi is into punk mages, so this has only affected their relationship positively.

i long for better screenshot controls in photo mode. also noticed that taking screenshots via the button vs using photo mode results in VASTLY different quality on switch. photo mode makes everything look like a lossy jpeg. invoking screenshots via the switch button is way more crisp.

also accidentally reached max affinity with the very hot goth witch and she lives in my house now. narika and lyssi are down with being in a poly relationship though, so it’s cool.

i might make lyssi a warrior for a bit for strength stat boosts and to do something with all the extra discipline i have sitting around. sorry for the inconvenience if you’ve been using her!