is anyone else playing dragon's dogma on switch


I remember screenshotting on the PS3 version. They cut the pics to half resolution, slapped a fairly large logo onto it, and they were probably low quality, as well.


my last attempt was in… 2017 i think, i didn’t get all that far in though

tempted to try one last time, i really do dig the atmosphere and i can’t help but get sucked in with the enthusiasm around here


Capcom must be mulling a sequel at this point right? I’m not sure how many switch ports are testing waters vs trying to refill the bank.

I think they could actually do a lot better with what they have now


a netflix series was also announced recently, and itsuno has hinted that its what he’s working on now when dmc5 wrapped. it’s definitely coming, i have no doubt.


PS3 at all?

I’d be willing to start a new set of characters on PS3 to pawn share. Leveling up our pawns together would be cool.


also kind of a long video, but apparently what augments you equip influences how your pawns will act!

for example, if you equip the augment that reduces stamina loss from climbing, this will tell the pawn to climb on monsters more!

equipping bow-related augments will get them to use bows more, etc.

there is so much about this game i still don’t know!


Itsuno was told he could make DMC5 or DD2, so he went with DMC5, but I gotta imagine the seeming success of that would fuel his ability to divert funds to DD2.


“Performed to expectations” is the official word on DMC5, or, it hasn’t been a breakout revival like Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 2 remake. If it’s at barely break-even but he’s still got pull this might make it easier to let DMC rest for a while yet.


Yeah, seems about right.


Eh? We’ve only seen official reports on sales/shipments through the end of March. Roughly two weeks after DMC 5 released. And it sold 2 million, in that two weeks. DMC 4 is the highest selling DMC ever, at roughly 3 million lifetime sales.

I think its doing pretty darn well and is on track for doing as well or better, than DMC 4. And Capcom is clearly planning to invest in the brand again, as they just announced DMC 1 for Switch.


In their recent quarterly report. ‘Met expectations’ gets used to cover, ‘we budgeted appropriately and made a small profit’ and ‘we lost a small amount of money’.


got a link about that? I searched around and couldn’t find any specific comments about DMC 5, other than it did most of its sales outside of Japan.


Capcom said its Digital Contents division was bolstered by the performance of Resident Evil 2 , which “exceeded expectations,” and the “consistent demand” for the recently-launched Devil May Cry 5 .

The company also noted the “significant contribution” of flagship title Monster Hunter: World

‘Consistent demand’ is language that can hide a number of things, but we can conclude it wasn’t a ‘hit’.


Capcom’s full quote on DMC wasn’t long. Those indirect quotes make it sound worse.

" During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, in Capcom’s core Digital Contents business, in addition to the great success of Resident Evil 2 , Devil May Cry 5 also performed well, backed by its established popularity overseas."

" Devil May Cry 5 (for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) targeted overseas markets and also performed strongly, backed by consistent demand."

That’s the full mentions of DMC 5, on their official page about the fiscal reports.


Eh, they’re trying to be vague about it regardless. It’s known that Devil May Cry is about half as large a series as Resident Evil, so assuming their game budget and marketing budget was appropriate, they’ll be ok. That’s a tough thing to guess from the outside because the budget for DMC5 will necessarily be 50% larger, at least, than the budgest for DMC4.


So were DMC5’s profits aught or naught?


I think it’s just overshadowed by the nostalgia cash grab of Resident Evil 2, which I assume was relatively cheap and rushed production in AAA terms since you could see how they already cut corners with zapping system. So its ROI is unexpectedly high.

Although true that these comments only pertain to the launch performance. These days having titles with long legs on digital platforms is pretty important as well for the company.

DD2 makes much more financial sense than DMC VI though at this point.


Does anyone else have really horrible looking banding in the sky at night? Is that just how it is, or is my brightness setting up to high?


Sounds like the HD experience.


Yeah, but I remembered getting a bit of that on PC too