is anyone else playing dragon's dogma on switch


I think right this moment, would be a great time for Dragon’s Dogma 2. There really isn’t a competing game, right now. Dark Souls 3 is 3 years old. Witcher 3 is old. Next Elder Scrolls is probably 2 years away (or more).

Assassin’s Creed, of all things, is filling the Action RPG spot right now.


I wouldn’t worry about it. The game doesn’t have high end effects and image quality. They had to cut down a lot of stuff to kinda make 30fps on PS3. While the Switch port has higher texture quality and whatnot. The game still isn’t a visual showcase, by modern standards.


this might be a :fire:hot take :fire: but i kinda hope a dragons dogma 2 ditches the open world stuff? my fav parts of this is the dungeon crawling and big monster tusslin, not like collecting 10 fish to make an NPC give you a magically lubricated sword


i am okay with them keeping the open world as long as it’s about the same size as DD’s overworld, I think that’s a good size. I just want about a hundred more dungeons to find and three BBI-scale mega-dungeons for endgame.

i don’t even mind the collect 10 fish quest. i love just going to a notice board and collecting every quest and then money and xp rolls in through me mostly just playing the game. it’s dumb mindless stuff, but this game IS kinda dumb. it’s one reason why i love it.


My favorite part of the game was jumping around the rooftops in the beginning village and checking down the coastline. It was like Capcom’s Morrowind.


Yeah I thought that might be the case, although it’s a little confusing since along with the big rainbow stripes across the night sky, I also feel like I have a lot more visibility at night compared to what others here have said. Plus the loading screen looks like a big grey blob with purple edges instead of what I imagine was meant to be a dark image looming out of the black. Makes it hard to tell whether my TV is wildly uncalibrated (even though other games look fine) or the default brightness is too high.


I also like that the barber can somehow change your pawn’s voice, the chipmunk vocals of my main pawn were driving me nuts


Aw, I love all the exploring and the long treks out to outposts at the far ends of the map.

The dungeons felt like they were each made by completely different teams or under very different time constraints. The Everfall despite being pretty linear has all these nooks and crannies where those medallions and other treasures hide, where as the catacombs has like only one secret spot and a bunch of other spots where it looks like you could climb somewhere weird but can’t. That tower has a pretty sizable side path where you can jump and find a bunch of cool stuff bolted onto the front end.

I haven’t gotten to the final or the dlc dungeons yet, but my hopes are high.


Well, a too high brightness setting could certainly be an issue, as well. The game probably has one of those "if you can see this, you are too bright’, windows.


yeah i should take back what i said a lil. wandering around the wilderness is Good Shit


It definitely has a gamma adjustment setting. I think it even asks you to adjust it when you first start a new game.


I’ve loved DD enough to complete it twice over but have never felt brave enough to start a proper Hard Mode run. For those of you braver than myself I ask: is it worth doing, and what classes should I concentrate on mastering?


it all depends on what you like playing. imo, pretty much all of the classes are really fun, especially the mixed vocations (magick archer, mystic knight, assassin).

sorcery is fun to get into, especially if you have at least one other sorcerer with you that knows some of the same spells so you can do spell-syncing.

that guys youtube i linked earlier in the thread has some videos that go into each class thoroughly. the game gives you enough room to really do whatever you want.

btw, i would not start hard mode on a fresh save. it really was designed for ng + runs where you’re continuing your characters from before. stamina use and damage taken is doubled, and it’s really unpleasant if you don’t have some sort of leg up on it.


Ah! That’s a fine idea.

And a whole bunch in general!


I’ve started on hard and it was fine (Though I definitely wouldn’t call it balanced)

Playing with every class is perfectly possible, but the start of the game is really rough with a close combat fighter; I’d suggest mage or bow oriented strider. Later, anything is fine really. For Bitterblack Isle specifically, magick archer dominates in such a fun way thanks to Ricochet that I never changed classes anymore.


It definitely does, but if I set to as it recommends (B dragon barely visible), everything becomes too dark. It looks fine at default brightness in portable mode though, so I think the problem is a mix of the game’s gamma and my TV being a bit whack


masterworks awllll


i love how even after half the city collapses in front of his shop, dude is still sitting there in the post-game with the exact same dialogue. totally unfazed.


the only reason the innkeeper moves is because the city collapsing took his building out gran soren’s a bunch of hard-ass people


real talk gransys is kind of a shithole. there’s like two settlements, every other building/settlement you come across is decaying and/or full of things that want to kill you. there are freakin bandit gangs camping right outside the city walls, man. y’all should do something about that.

cassardis is a pretty well developed little town, all the buildings have interiors, shops will close, there’s a tavern and an economy. you could see when they got around to building gran soren the developers probably ran into memory and time constraints because most of the venery is just inaccessible buildings. un-hired pawns will walk around and knock on doors that never open, it’s cute.

also props to that guy who sets up a shop in the “abandoned mine” i’d be way too spooked to run a shop in there, but there’s something very jrpg about it all.