introduce yourself


Woah welcome back


omg glad to have you back!!


Omg, hey lofi!


fukk yeah


Is this thread still being used?

If so, hi.

Name’s Haché. I’ve really enjoyed listening to Super Nintendo Exploration Squad and wanted to check out the forums (fora?) they keep mentioning.



welcome, @Hache!

edit: oh right there was a purpose to this thread, long ago

i am meauxdal nearly everywhere now (twitter, bandcamp, etc etc), but there are some vestiges of my old IC/SB username hung from various forgotten rafters on the web. used to be ‘enazresopmoc’, backward.


heck yeah, another convert from the podcast! welcome!!

and sorry for the release schedule lately, it’s a mess!!


I recommend you listen to the sb-adjacent podcast that I run called


seconding this, better than snexploration


It’s okay, it’s allowed me to visit older episodes.


Now hold on a damn second


We all know the cool cleric is the star of the show


Heard it promoted a few times on snexploration so now I’m looking forward to more of shrug’s long pauses


Hi I’m the real cool funny good looking guy from the podcast. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for joining. I’m going to take credit, because that’s what I do whenever new people join. I hope you have fun here, and I hope you bloodpotion all my posts. Thank you.


my personal brand is strong


I cut down a lot of shrug pauses

The hegemony of smooth audio will crush all your idiosyncracies


can’t believe you’re against free speech


negative space is the most important space we got


I am judicious. Trust my trained ear for maximum shrug efficiency.