introduce yourself


this is true. i’ve hung around a lot more than i’ve posted.

i also want to add, in the context of this, that i’m not proud of anything i’ve done while playing league of legends.


my name is shrug and I know absolutely nothing about league of legends


Sorry my post should read waffen.


you weren’t waffen! no one was. waffen was the embodiment of something pure that’s rare in this world. I heard a story that he played some game online with the peeps and he had voice chat. He had the dopest, funniest shit to say and everybody was confused as to “who is this guy”. At least that’s what I remember and I’ll stick to it


wait was he a nazi or was that just some rumour


I tried to sign up on SB 1.0, but the mods didn’t activate my account, so I was left in limbo for an eon until finally I was able to emerge screaming into the world of SB 2.0


I always thought he was African American but that might have been just my imagination?? So, I don’t know. I don’t think so, I don’t remember anything of that sort


hm! who knows where i got that from


Someone with more indepth ic lore knowledge can probably clue us in


waffen was literally their avatar


I remember playing 360 something or other with Waffen, but I barely knew them.


What was their avatar? Waffen just means weapons in German


probably the result of a mental association with the one instance of “waffen” a non german speaker is mostly likely to be familiar with


lol yeah that might be it. maybe i saw someone shit-talking him and took it as gospel. i was impressionable


a toriyama cartoon of a really smug ww2 german troop


Waffen was a dude that just really liked smoking weed. I played some games on ps3 with him but his and anothergod( hi ag!) mics were early bluetooth mics that were impressively bad and we couldn’t put up with mic quality. I mean their schtick was look like the coolest dude in a room of nerds in 2004. So who knows what he would look like in our wokeness of 2018. Hopefully cool and adult.

I could possibly send them a psn message but I think they went xboxone.

I am Rudie and I will probably be the one that turns the lights off. I am one half of the SB adjacent Hinge Problems. I plan to live in Japan the rest of my life unless the island explodes.


Oh yeah, I realize that I should probably actually do the thing the thread is for.

I’m Chris. I’ve always just used boojiboy7 since I was a lazy high schooler signing up for hotmail. I am probably that username everywhere but reddit. I am the other half of Hinge Problems. I will probably live in Cleveland Ohio forever.


hellooo my name’s sarah, i used to go by lofighost. sorry i posted so much yaoi back then.


never apologise

hi sarah ilu!!


ilu2 esky!!!