introduce yourself

This thread doesn’t seem to exist on SB2, so what the hell.


Welcome back; I was Intentionally Wrong. We’ve been trying to improve the place, but I can’t promise we won’t make mistakes.

Really?? The more you know…!

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I was | BLUE | BLACK | PURPLE | but that doesn’t fly on sb2 anymore. Before that I was AlphaNemesis on IC and someone is still trying to use that name @ gmail to sign up for stuff but no dice because that’s mine. So I guess it wasn’t a very unique username.

about a month ago I randomly ran into this dude in league of legends. somehow in hell he remembered that I used my league name in SC2, presumably from the one time we did an SB SC2 tournament, and he was like ‘are you from select button?’ I think he even specifically remembered who I was. think about how stupid low the odds of this happening were. good times. he showed me a clip of him dunking on kids as top lane thresh with zzrot and banner of command. I know no one here knows what that means, but this makes him a bad person. the good kind of bad person.


I’m too lazy to think of a new username and have been using this one and variations of it for about 9 years now

I remember those handles

Howdy. I’m still just Mikey, IRL and URL


hi i’m SB2.0 only so you don’t know me but I run the SNEXploration podcast with CourierRice and usually we have Tulpa and Shrug and OneSecondBefore plus other random people and we play random SNES games. It’s a good time if you like 2 hour long ramblefests!


hello I am CourierRice and I co-host a completely garbage podcast with Vir


how do you delete a post


hello my name is always km because it’s the only good nick i ever came up with

otherwise it’s NowWithCaramel which is frankly terrible

it’s what i get for picking a name based on imagined trash on my desk

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i’m still eskaibo, i almost didn’t stick around here but i’m glad i did it’s real chill


Laurel[]Soup since the final weeks of IC


You’ll figure out who I am very quickly

I’ve been going by some variant of Heavy Viper since around 2004. After a long time of doing nothing in particular, I found out I have a knack for sound design, music, and vocal noises, so I’m currently trying to figure out how to make that work out.

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I went under the name warden on insert credit

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How do I get into the secret select button chat stuff. My name is unchanged but I removed the space between legal and step for a more streamlined approach to internetting

my name is rod and i like to party

Hi there I’m Marina, the underdog turned champion. SB’s rags to riches queen. Best Poster Award Winner 2018