Impresarios of Mario Scenarios


Alright, I made another one. This one is original for this game, and also might be very hard! I can’t help myself apparently!

Mario’s Skyshoe Hubris
“This would be a lot easier if Mario didn’t have something to prove!”

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Are y’all having some sort of competition to make the hardest level? I was hoping with Mario Maker 2 we could encourage more folks to make levels that reward the most skillful players without necessarily punishing lower-skilled players. Julie was startled earlier 'cause I kept cursing at the screen when I was playing Felix’s level; she had to leave the room because of how poorly I was progressing on your Hell Bridge, Gate88.


that’s my calling card; I scare your wife, but I don’t make her leave you




I will try to make an easier level next! 2 of my levels were remakes/remixes of my MM1 levels (the fire bridge being easily my most difficult level, sitting at a 0.63% clear rate) , and I will admit I got carried away with the most recent one!

In general, it’s MUCH harder to build engaging levels that are easy. When you build levels you naturally get better at them so you sort of naturally go overboard. Additionally, to build an easy level, you have to be able to predict how other people will approach your level and smooth off the rough edges accordingly. Even people that aren’t good at playing the game end up making weirdly hard levels, because when approached with perfect knowledge the level is easy, but when a player goes in blind and doesn’t have the same preconceived notions about it, they get caught in weird situations and corner cases that the creator didn’t really intend.

That all said, I will try to challenge myself to try and make some engaging levels that aren’t super punishing.

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My buddy made a couple levels that aren’t as soul crushing (but still provide some challenge):

Frosty Prime

Club Thwomp

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Don’t even try to mess with my WR on isfet’s stage. Currently playing Mario Maker with this thing:


does anyone make levels a normal human would want to play??? is the sequel really leaning into the kaizo shit

im thinking of getting it but if the majority of peoples levels are like the ones in this thread im fine just watching videos


it’s actually very hard to train yourself to make large stretches of nothing in order to pace people out more gently and I think that’s due in part to the inevitable density of doing this on a console interface, where zooming out and copying and pasting some sections of the level (even if you then tweak them slightly) would be the correct thing to do but doesn’t come naturally


I actually was trying to beat it but I was totally turned off trying to learn the timing on the climb at the end


Yeah those shell jumps are tricky, which is why I kept it low stakes. I figured it would be significantly easier than the challenges in the first part though :thinking: so good to know that was a difficulty wall. Thanks for the feedback!


The story mode is super fun and full of great levels. You can select difficulties for player made levels and on Normal mode I haven’t seen any kaizo shit yet. So at this point avoiding that stuff seems pretty doable!


i feel like i am aiming for something that is “a fun Mario level that is challenging,” but not Kaizo? and i feel like @VastleCania’s level is also a bit like that?

so, to answer, i think there is a pretty broad mix of stuff! from day 1 of playing levels online, it seems like it’s all over the place.


one of my favourite things about Mario maker which the built in levels showcase really well is how aggressively off brand it feels to make an SMB1 level that scrolls upward and has weird physics puzzle objects

it’s so immediately anachronistic and it’s one of the first things in the toolset!

I am a little surprised they bothered to include the new SMB style when 3D world basically obsoletes it, would’ve much rather had land or one of the feelplus games like sleazy tweeted but oh well


You can click the right stick down to zoom out and then highlight and copy sections. You may already know that, but I just figured it out. It works OK.

I made a course with blinking blocks and fire bros (YHF-POB-MPG). I don’t like how it turned out. Any level I try to make with wall jumps invariably creeps too high and then I have to figure out a way to bring Mario back down to the starting elevation. This time I just lazily dropped in a couple clear pips.

I wanted to upload something though because there’s a theory going around that your stage won’t make it to endless mode until someone else gives it a star, which means the rotation is determined in part by the tastemakers sorting Course World by new.

By the way, can we edit our level/maker codes into some kind of single post or doc or something? I want to try everyone’s stuff without putting in the effort of sifting through the thread.




So one thing that makes this overall easier is that once you Star a maker, you can go to the Star queue in Course World to see a chronological list of all the levels made by the folks you’re following. Don’t need to enter as many codes that way.

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Considering the amount of techniques that have been made harder to execute or impossible in MM2, I would say no?


Alright, I created a google doc. Should be editable by anyone, let me know if it’s not!

I scanned through the thread and collected all the Maker IDs I know about. Please feel free to add your own (or remove your own). I also added a tab for Levels if you want to highlight levels you made, or even levels made outside of this community that you found interesting.

Also feel free to highlight every level you make if you want; I just didn’t do it by default in case people wanted to avoid the spotlight!

(Also please still post your levels to this thread, because I get notifications here!)


I didn’t want to have to optimize around those beetles before the one-block hallway, but I couldn’t let that stand.