Impresarios of Mario Scenarios


(Game is live, y’all)

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how is plummer formed (mario maker)

In the Intermediate Maker Lessons, #15 is titled “Treating the Player Fairly”. In the Advanced Maker Lessons, #9 is titled “Seriously, Treat the Player Fairly”. Seems like a pretty direct response to the prevailing trends of Course World’s hard levels in Mario Maker 1.


wait you can only make vertical levels in subareas, I thought you could create an entire vertical level


Nope, the initial level is only horizontal. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from chopping the initial area into a bunch of single-screen width sections and bouncing back and forth between those and the sub area.


I’ve logged back in for this game. I got the game a couple days early so I’ve got a course up already for anyone into super expert type stuff (2NL-3L2-BLF). I might have spent the last two days on it figuring out tricks with the on/off switch.

I wanna make some multiplayer stuff as well but for now just exploring the new stuff and trying to make some really difficult-but-fair levels.


Can shells trigger the on/off switch


Yeah if you throw a shell at it, it will trigger it.


So what happens if you bounce a shell back and forth between two on/off switches with only a single-block gap between them


Liked the puzzles. Is the only way to do the end part a shell jump?

Anyway, I beat it but it took me a bit! Shaking off the Mario Maker rust.

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Yeah, and I’m fairly certain it’s only possible also first jumping off the naked koopa.

The on/off switch has a tiny activation cool down, so in that scenario it would rapidly switch on and off, but at some lower frequency of the shell’s bouncing.

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Huh, I can’t figure out where my ID as a maker is located, nor can I see anyway specifically to search for levels made by Switch friends. In lieu of either of those details, the course ID for the only level I’ve built is N9V-009-DBG.

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Your ID is X4K 6JN MBG

I found this by going to your level, clicking on you as a maker, then clicking More Info, and it shows up in the lower left of the profile picture thingy

It seems like this works for identifying yourself as well, except you start by hitting Y or clicking on your little person in the upper left.

I’m like 95% certain I didn’t have an ID the first time I checked though. It might only assign you one after you’ve connected and like…waited…for some time…

why nintendo

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what’s up with the shorts

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Can’t the Switch share screenshots online? Want to see at least little pieces of your stages here!

Does this game support video recording?




I’ve been messing around and after 40 stages in expert endless I’m surprised to say that the general quality of random levels right now is pretty decent!

There’s even been a couple of genuinely great ones, including a 3D World one that required guiding a fireball through clear tunnels, but each time there were a series of escalating contraptions needed to be operated ahead of the moving fireball. I don’t know if this was based on a story mode level or something, but it gives me a lot of hope really interesting setups that I wasn’t anticipating before.



So can you be a tiny Mario with big Mario’s abilities cuz if not I gotta redesign a bunch of my levels and that has me pisssssssssed


Yeah, without the costumes I don’t think it’s possible.

You could give Mario a shellmet as an approximation, but that probably gives him more protection than you want.


I want a refund.


Yeah, RIP my pipe maze too.

But I believe in you Hobo. I think you can make even better levels!