how is plummer formed (mario maker)


Sounds like they’re making a bunch of Kaizo tricks significantly harder or impossible?


That sounds really dumb; free remixing is one of the best advantages of an explicitly non-commercial creative space


So in Mario Maker 1 you were able to edit levels that other people made, but you weren’t able to re-upload them (I assume to prevent wholesale copying?). Is that the case here, or is it even more restrictive?

If you can’t edit them at all, that means there are going to be WAAAY more levels with 0% clear rates, since you can no longer look in the editor to see if they hid something, or use the editor to practice certain sections.


Looks like no editing at all of others’ levels. Hope this doesn’t just encourage more impossible levels!

I think the way this should be implemented is that if you edit and upload another creator’s levels, it should credit them. That way you can’t “steal” levels, but you can still riff and learn from other people’s levels.

The only thing that doesn’t stop is recreating levels brick by brick, which apparently is what would happen in Mario Maker 1. To stop this, you’d need a more sophisticated algorithm, like one of those plagiarism databases colleges use, but that’s probably harder to develop and optimize at scale.


A chain of creators would be beautiful for digging through references and influences, too

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Neat Twitter thread with people testing high level Mario Maker tech:

Have no idea what most of this stuff is but interesting to see just how impactful these incredibly subtle changes that most people will never notice could be for the people who actually play the Super Expert stages regularly. Uncrouching in mid-air? Can no longer pick up objects while spin jumping? Madness.


Yeah, high level Mario Maker is all about the minutiae, so any small change to mechanics has a big impact on the the players/creators making tough levels.


There are links to Ceave Gaming’s videos in that thread, which I hadn’t bothered to watch until just now. I guess he’s an Austrian man who knows a lot about Mario Maker and just listen to the way he says “100 goombas.”

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Ceave is wonderful


So, is there still major unlockable stuff we don’t know about? I guess some people have the game already but maybe there’s an NDA?


Anyone knows if Nintendo online required for downloading / uploading levels? I can’t find the info anywhere


I’m 99% sure I read somewhere that it does, but I couldn’t tell you where.

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I’m really hoping this gets lavished with updates like MM1 did.

Especially hoping for more things to go under the other game styles tab along with SM3DW.


Anyone know if the flying carpet from SMB 2 US is in?

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I believe you need nintendo online to upload but not to download


I am going to recreate all my very good Wii U levels so you should add me as a friend. SW-7011-1439-9716.

Since there are no amiibo skins they will be inferior – my Kuribo’s shoe themed level “GOOGLE AUTOCOMPLETE WALUIGI FEET” is not going to suffer the most from this – but they will still be fun to play, and if you give them stars it will make me happy, which is more rewarding than any game.

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It really scuppers my plans to recreate Mother 3’s landscape entirely through Mario stages as I had abortively started back in the first Mario Maker.


i still don’t understand why they aren’t in there tbh, you didn’t even need amiibo to unlock them (randomly) so wth

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