how is plummer formed (mario maker)


So Mario Maker is still something I play frequently. It has been updated with checkpoints and some other cool stuff and basically what I’m saying is that you should play my levels because I played many of yours (also they are good):

They are all there. I’ll post some profiles of Mario Makers I really enjoy the work of another time, too. There is some great stuff out there, and it seems to pop up more frequently these days.

The bookmark site also helps with finding good levels, too.


oh is that site an officially supported way of importing levels without having to futz with those 16 digit codes? that’ll get me playing it again for sure.


Neat, here is my profile

I’ve uploaded about 20 levels now, and opening this website I was pleasantly surprised to find that most them land in whatever is considered “Normal” difficulty, since that’s basically what I was aiming for in making most of them. I guess “I’m Sworn to Carry Your Burdens” slipped into expert territory because people didn’t figure out the door section in the middle? It’s pretty hard to die except maybe if you’re not good at the short autoscroll at the beginning.

I’m impressed by all of the little invisible updates lately that improve the experience, like being able to shake and move Mario with the stylus while the level is live in the editor.

If anyone hasn’t played it yet please try my level The Last Temptation of Mario™, it’s pretty great.


Tell me that’s your favorite line you ever recorded.


I wish I could take credit, but Lydia was voiced by an actor who’s based in your neck of the woods (, so I believe her sessions happened out there. I did pat the person responsible on the back for it though, because holy shit.


Here’s my profile:

I’m actually most proud of my puzzles levels, although they tend to be on the very hard side. I haven’t played this game too recently; I should go back to it and make a few more levels.

Oh @Sykel, you’re RockyPocky? I remember your name; I think you cleared what is probably my hardest puzzle level (Choices). That’s impressive!


Has anyone done a video compilation of the more impressive Mario Maker stages?


I thought the two segments at AGDQ dealing with Mario Maker were pretty interesting.

There is a blind run (and most/all the levels in this segment are pretty inventive):

There’s also a run of the kaizo-style super hard levels:

Unfortunately I haven’t seen a good compilation of impressive levels. If I had a capture card, I’d be half-tempted to create one. Twitch streams tend to just feature whatever levels randomly come up in 100 Mario mode, and the star system in the game itself doesn’t really make the best levels rise to the top.


Oh yeah, I loved your levels. I cleared all of them, though some took me quite some time. Also, did you make Eversion?

The Boo Lab covers some really cool levels (and also some rubbish gimmick ones, but still fun)


Thanks! They took some time to make too, so I think that’s fitting!

Nope. I wish I did though; that game is rad. I do mess around with making games, but I’ve not really finished anything of note. I guess the only exception is this puzzlescript game I made: but for the most part my games are a pile of partially implemented half-ideas.


Eversion was made by Guilherme “Zaratustra” Tœws! He’s a friend of mine from another forum.

I haven’t made many levels yet, but they’re accessible here:


Also, since they’re not in the thread: Adilegian’s levels.


I brought up Eversion because someone made a fan level of it in Mario Maker:


omg fu and your battleships level, that took me like 20 tries


Yeah, I’m impressed that you finished! I could have done more, but having not yet unlocked checkpoints, I actually lost patience with trying to complete it myself.


I made a new level that I’m particularly proud of, although the thumbnail view gives away a little bit.


Juuust got this. And a Wii U.

That’s my first level, called Keep the Shell. You have to keep the shell (wow) and it’s a little hard? I honestly can’t tell with the levels I make.

will be playing some of the SB levels later, after I actually work, ugh.


For my own convenience as much as anything: SB alumna anna anthropy’s levels.

I’m up to seven levels myself, and they’re mostly all terrible. I’m too impatient as a designer.
  7. Cruelty and Secrets is my frustrated response to all of the stupidly difficult levels I’ve encountered in the hardest 100-Life Mario challenge.
  6. In contrast, Who Should Meet Toad for Tea? is a gift to players of the easiest 100-Life Mario challenge: the opportunity to talk to Toad with whichever identity you’d prefer among those you’ve collected so far. (I’m still astonished that it has a 78.57% completion rate.)
  5. Finishing The Herculean Labor is the hardest thing I’ve ever accomplished in this game. It’s punishing, but it’s more than fair in its cruelty.
  4. Gunboats! Gunboats of the Sky! is relatively unfair in that most players won’t know where to go without a little bit of exploration-by-dying, but other than that, it’s challenging in a fair way.
  3. The Mayhem and the Maze is even more fair than that, despite containing more secrets. It’s also my biggest level and my second-hardest; I tried to put the toughest parts at the beginning to make up for that.
  2. Aqua Bowser’s Blooper Group is pretty simple, pretty traditional, and pretty small. I’m pretty proud of it.
  1. It’s short, experimental, and it’s also easy, as long as you understand NSMB mechanics, but Brickbreak Tunnel is still the best level I’ve made.


I’m still trying to solve cruelty and secrets. I saw what Herculean Labor was all about but bailed it because life is too short for that, sorry, haha. I finished Mayhem and the Maze and liked it!

@VastleCania I liked your levels! The bowser one was especially cool


You should all play this person’s levels, they’re really, really top stuff