how is plummer formed (mario maker)


I also highly recommend this level, plus Kurobake’s other stuff:

And yeah Danni’s levels are great, got me a world record on Tricky Spike Top Track the other day


Decided that if I was going to bother to make a level, I should put in the time to make the level right. As a consequence of this decision, I made a level tonight, and as I was uploading it, I realized I’d still forgotten to do anything with sound effects—so as usual, even my quality levels contain gigantic and obvious avenues for improvement.

That caveat notwithstanding, may I present: Under the Overhang.


random plummer former question:

is there a vertical limit on level design? If not, is there any trend of people making levels where you have to primarily go either up or down to progress? If I had a Wii U I would probably design an entire series of levels based only around moving upward.


@jsnlxndrlv I like the atmosphere of your levels, they have an air of mystery that make them feel like I found them randomly on a shareware disc. They can be dicks though.

@u_u Unfortunately, there is a vertical limit and it’s quite strict. Some people have found creative ways around it though:


Tom Hall is making a Commander Keen mini-episode in Mario Maker and the first level is ever so lovely


Huh, that’s too bad! Well at least now I don’t feel so unfulfilled by not having it…


@jsnlxndrlv jason it appears you are challenging me with anna’s levels

well try to top that mine shaft level time i just made, hot shot


New update looks cool, I can see these additions really helping out those who like to make puzzle levels


Oh wow, this might be the most exciting update yet. You can actually force people to fight bosses now by attaching keys to them. Also force people to explore with coins. Also, puzzley things! This is very exciting!

And finally a way to view comments and failure points in closer detail!

EDIT: Although now people can make even shittier levels. With great power etc etc.


The Super Expert difficulty seems to have helped a LOT. I tried expert and only got one bullshit level, and then a string of like 8 actually well designed levels.

I don’t think I’m ever going to bother with the super expert difficulty, costume unlocks be damned.


@sykel good work on those scores, by the way. I look forward to beating them someday.

In the mean time, I tried to make Osohe Castle from Mother 3. I think I made the scale too small, and my “pigmasks” are a little too goofy to work in big groups, so this is more of a pastiche than a reconstruction. Still, I’m pretty pleased with the result.


That’s a really top level! Great use of the keys. It makes me want to try making levels again, but I promised myself not to because I should spend my time with other stuff now. Maybe if I get a really good idea…

In other news, Tom Hall played one of my levels (it’s inspired by a Keen level) and liked it, yay!


Cool level! I like that keys make it easy to make non-linear levels now. It makes the game feel a lot broader. Neat!


One year later, I’m still fucking around with this. I tweaked a couple levels, so if you’re wondering what happened to your completion credit or star, well, that’s what happened.

Some day I’ll finish Expert… so anyway, if anybody ever makes any more, post about it here and I’ll play it.


Play my Marios. They’re all pretty good and even if you disagree give me some damn stars anyway cuz I’m 7 away from 420.


I made several Kaizo-esque courses (but without hidden blocks):

I recommend trying “Super Kaizo Bros. U, 1-1” if you’re into that stuff. I’m gonna dig into some of these courses here, I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into this game. “Don’t Get Greedy” is also pretty good and a little more beatable.


Games You Played Today Classic Mini

In honor of Mario Maker 2 coming out soon, I chiseled all the dust off my Wii U and got Mario Maker up and running again.

Anyone want to join me in celebrating Mario Maker by making terrible levels and sharing them? Before Nintendo inevitably deletes it all or something?



god i love this guy, and his voice