how is plummer formed (mario maker)


Oh no, it’s so easy to make a terrible level with this knowledge!


I actually dusted off my maker a few weeks ago and was amazed at what a great package MM is. I’m not surprised they’re trying it again.


suggestion: play the first party 3ds levels

question: i wonder how many/if any were recreated by users for the WiiU release?


Oh man, I gotta get my Wii U back from my friend, probably made levels for like 150+ hours while watching TV.


Playing Mario Maker in 2019

The 3DS version is disliked for a good reason (severely limiting level sharing / downloading) in the but the new Nintendo levels sure are wonderful. They only lack a little window dressing? But they do justify the price.
3DS Mario Maker is like the console port of Mario Maker


I watched the Mario Maker 2 trailer again (as one does about once a week) and I noticed you can now set coin goals, i.e. get 50 coins. I’ve already got some interesting level ideas with that (although, I suppose some of my ideas were already possible with red coins/keys, but red coins and keys are both more limited in number).


The Nintendo levels in 3DS Mario maker seemed tedious to me, at least the first 15 or so that I played. I got it specifically because Eurogamer said the same thing and I was a bit baffled at how there was just nothing to them. Is it one of those games where only the last third is good?


The later stuff is better, def.


I liked them from the beginning. The extra level objectives are an important part of the appeal though, they are always well designed and encourage staying a bit longer in levels instead of just flying through the game. Time to time they are the whole point of the stage. If you’re breezing through the levels are less noteworthy

Speaking of I hope that all the Mario Maker 3DS objectives can be added to the sequel as extra goals. « Finish the level without jumping » and « never press left » are favorites


This looks great.


kinda whack you gotta pay to download/upload levels, but that online play is looking choice + essentially the first new 2d mario game design since NSMB launched in 2006 as a bonus though now that we see more I almost wish that was a standalone full-fat Mario 2.5D World release.


Oh shit I need a switch

That made my little heart flutter


At first I thought they removed player collisions from co-op, but that’s still in. It’s probably more manageable since you’re not locked into the same camera frame.

Moon stuff is bonkers.

By the way I’m starting a petition to get Toadette some pants.



Holy cow, this blew my mind. All the weird new powerups they added look fun as hell, and not like mere gimmicks. Have the drybones shell, black shell hat, or car been in any previous Mario games?

I also detect a little bit of Mario Paint whimsy in this that I always love to see in Nintendo’s player-creativity games.


did they just call boom boom a “mad lad”?


Beetle hat was in the previous Mario Maker, but I couldn’t say if it showed up prior to that.


The new stuff looks cool but I’m still pissed there’s no world maps.


This is all so what’s the phrase… off the hook? I am pumped.

I still want 3D World but now I just want Nintendo to instead focus all their Mario efforts on making Super Mario Maker 3D, a Mario Maker where you can make fully 3D Mario levels themed after Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Odyssey and 3D Land/World.


when mario is in the dry bones shell boat he should use a big bone to row through the lava