Impresarios of Mario Scenarios


Remixed my Mario Maker 1 puzzle level: Knowledge is POWer


It doesn’t have any hidden information or require any difficult execution, but it’s a pretty hard puzzle anyway! Being able to stop the camera from scrolling is actually really nice. My level is framed so well now!

Here’s my maker ID too: X6L-09L-BCG


Yeah , the camera lock is honestly my favorite new feature. I’ve noticed it’s tricky (maybe impossible?) to lock the camera and also have things operating off-screen. They seem to either a) not load/be active or b) force the camera to unlock. I have a lot more fiddling around to do to figure that out.


That Ceave video that Robo linked above talks about all the weird rules of having things work off screen, but in Mario Maker 1. I assume it’s at least similar in Mario Maker 2, but I’d bet quite a few of the details have changed.


At the very least, objects on tracks no longer become active unless Mario is near, which is pretty huge for most of the very clever contraptions in MM1. Like, that’s the basis of half of Ceave’s videos: an item is put on a track so it’s active wherever Mario is.

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Here’s my first level


Oh, BTW, On/Off switches maintain their state across sub-areas. I expected this to not be the case but it works great.


i made a Mario!

it is my first Mario.

the level code is: GDP-6MC-S1G

i mostly tried to go for something that reminded me of Lost Levels design. i figure that’s a good place to start.


Yeah I tried making the ghost in a clown car triggers a p-switch device and it doesn’t work until the ghost is in a row adjacent to the edge of the screen.


I’m at a loss for dealing with those munchers and getting into the pipe.


Yeah, doing that is the entire puzzle :slight_smile: . There are layers you have to unravel before you get there. Are you making any “progress” before that point? What items do you have access to?


I thought I had all of them. I can go in there with either a spring or a POW block and I’m not sure how either will do the job. I did manage to get the spring on top of the first muncher only and bounced the rest but I wasn’t fast enough to get in that way.


OK, some hints:

  1. You need to use an item you haven’t mentioned yet.

  2. Not counting the items it takes to enter the pipe, that room requires two items to get through.


Oh actually, I think I just remembered something crucial: p-switches stop some(?) conveyer belts.

I went back armed with that knowledge but I’ve still hit a wall. Am I maybe missing something about the mechanics of items? I can only ever take one item with me through a pipe or door and the rest will always be reset right?

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Guardian of Fire Bridge
“A rather fiendish Koopa designed the traps in this strategic stronghold.”

I apologize for this level!!! Also I promise I will start making new Mario Maker 2 levels instead of porting my old ones now. I want to make a more standard level next, maybe one that can be played by normal humans.

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first try, made in about an hour

it’s all over the place but I like it


lol there’s a lot going on at the end of this level Felix


I gather you took Hell Route

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how do you search by course id?


top right corner