I'd like to thank the Academy


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crash might be the worst movie to ever win best picture

does anything else even come close


it’s so hateful and ugly that i really can’t approach the academy awards with anything but vitriol


afterwards the media just went with bullshit stories about how she was an actress pretending to be a native american. same old shit as always, white people think anyone making them uncomfortable by pointing out social ills is some paid secret agent running a disinformation campaign




Oscar follow ups:

The best things that happened were Peele winning the best screenplay award and Deakins winning (finally) for cinematography. I thought Get Out was a longshot for everything, but honestly the writing in that movie is airtight and everything else kind of falls into place around it. Can’t wait to see what Jordan Peele makes next.

I’m probably not as huge a dork about cinematography as some people, but Deakins is just one of those names that you see constantly in movies that look amazing, and I was genuinely surprised to learn he had never won before.

I wonder if the Coens feel weird about McDormand and Deakins winning for movies they had nothing to do with.

I like Gary Oldman a lot, but he deserved it for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This was the year everyone lost their shit for The Artist, a movie that is probably legitimately decent but that very few people will ever watch again.

Same goes for Sam Rockwell, but in reverse. I just assume the best is yet to come from him and have no idea what was so magical about his performance in this movie.

Frances McDormand and Allison Janney are great, so it’s whatever. But Laurie Metcalf is so good in Lady Bird seriously.

Kind of fucked up for them to base the whole show around #MeToo and then give out awards to Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant but whatever I guess.

I was only 1 for 3 on the most important awards of the night, sound editing, sound mixing, and visual effects. Huge bummer for the Planet of the Apes people, especially Andy Serkis, who went full method and literally spend years of his life in character as an ape.


also because no one on this forum cares about this thread or topic I am definitely going to do this forever now, you’re welcome


Somewhere on the desiccating plain of webcourtship a bro named Oscar is opening with “covet me”







In the loop was released in 2009, I’m going by year of release not year of awards ceremony. Also it was nominated for Best Screenplay.

I haven’t seen 2 Days in New York! It looks good though.


oh damn

World’s Greatest Dad then


wait shit that was 2009 too!!

uhhhh does the theatrical cut of The Trip count


certified copy


This one breaks the English language rule, which I’ve instituted because everything about the Academy Awards is fucked up wrt movies from other countries. Basically, there are probably dozens of non-American movies released every year that are better than anything nominated for any Academy Award, and the criteria for the AA’s foreign language category are nationalistic nonsense. The award is technically given to the country, not the filmmaker, and the country has to “exert significant creative control” over the production of the film (somehow??). Until 2006, films made in a language other than the nominating nation’s national language were ineligible, and I’m not sure how it breaks down but transnational films (like I assume most of Kiarostami’s are) always get fucked in this process. The whole thing is just bonkers, and the AA for foreign films is thus essentially meaningless.


oh yes, the idea that there’s a “best foreign film” award is insane period

some scenes of certified copy are in english though lol



this is still one of the funniest things that has ever happened on line

(also thanks for blood posting 2 posts in this ancient thread today @Rudie, to remind me that i definitely need to piss everyone off by liveblogging the oscars again next year too)


the nominations for this year came out and they are truly ridiculous

‘the green book’ being nominated for best picture over ‘if beale street could talk’ is going to be one of those infamous things like ‘crash’ winning best picture

i never thought that, of all the nominated movies i never want to see, ‘a star is born’ would be the one i would prefer to win best picture

have they still not announced a new host yet??