I'd like to thank the Academy

I just finished watching Get Out. Incredible movie of course though that ending was almost too silly for it’s own good. Not like I can say what would’ve been better.

The Animaniacs crashed some Hollywood type events. Apparently there was a multi-platform game (in 2005?) related to this. I wonder if anyone here’s played it.


Moonlight actually deserved it.

That was a weird happening, y’all.

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also train girl was freaked out by Ladybird because it seemed to specifically be about her life

if the oscars were real then vicky krieps would have gotten a nom to match ddl’s

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I mean, it made me write that whole script about a chronically masturbating hitman assigned to kill a baby, so

I don’t know how to assign value to that


I want to get indignant about the Oscars (death to Forrest Gump) but both Get Out and Shape of Water vying for best picture is legitimately cool.

Not that I got off my ass to see either of them despite being mega hyped about both. If the Landmark chain gives either a victory lap, I’ll be able to fix that.


I’m calling my picks for the three awards everyone cares the most about–best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Visual Effects

I think it will probably go to Dunkirk for sound editing, and Baby Driver will win for Sound Mixing. Blade Runner 2049 would be the dark horse candidate for either of those.

As for Visual Effects, of late the Oscar has been going to effects-laden films that are still more or less “serious”, non-genre pictures, or to those that are going for verisimilitude via motion capture &c. In this case I think it will probably go to War for the Planet of the Apes. I’m surprised none of the films in this series have won in this category before. Both Kong and Guardians 2 are not particularly good movies, and the CGI in both of them doesn’t really seem to go beyond the level of cartoon blobs floating around vaguely interacting with stuff.

Blade Runner is visually very impressive with lots of seamless effects in addition to lots of more spectacular ones, but as far as I can tell nothing in it is particularly innovative. Same goes for Star Wars. It just didn’t really seem envelope-pushing at all to me, and in a lot of ways was sort of regressive for its visual effects. I still can’t believe they thought that Yoda puppet was a good idea.

Also read this thread of tweets to catch up on all the films you missed this year

What the fuck is actually wrong with you

Using a puppet instead of cgi is a great idea

Using a puppet whose lips don’t move properly is distracting as all heck

like i get that it’s nostalgic but when the random fish nuns are a more convincing effect than what is ostensibly the dramatic climax of the movie… i dunno

Puppets are always good. Puppets are always good.


the compositing for yoda puppet at yoda puppet’s most ghostly was pretty weird/uncanny at first but for the most part I will rep yoda puppet

well when Star Wars wins the academy award for best puppetry you can all gloat

I think I posted it somewhere here once?

The women always being the same woman is supposed to be about women always being characterless plot tokens in these things? I don’t know. It’s mostly just a long bad joke about jerkin’ it.



Sam Rockwell just won which is cool! But that movie still looks dumb sorry

Jimmy Kimmel is gonna host this till he dies I think

Get Out won best original screenplay!!!

Roger Deakins is adorable I can’t believe he’s never won before he’s great I wish I had followed my dreams and become a cinematographer

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