I'd like to thank the Academy

Oscars are this weekend y’all. Who will exit the octagon with that sweet sweet gold. Who will slaughter the red carpet in style.

It’s movie magic ladies and gentlemen

I don’t really have anything else to say except that more think pieces re: Get Out & Awards need to be mentioning Silence of the Lambs

Name an actually good movie that ever won an Oscar

Best picture winners I’ve seen and liked:

Mutiny on the Bounty
All About Eve
From Here to Eternity
On the Waterfront
The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Apartment
Lawrence of Arabia
Midnight Cowboy
The French Connetion
(I haven’t seen any movies in the Godfather cinematic universe LOL)
The Sting
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Annie Hall (I can’t stand Woody Allen anymore but I won’t deny that I liked this picture the last time I saw it)
The Deer Hunter
The Last Emperor
Rain Man
The Silence of the Lambs
Schindler’s List
American Beauty (See: Annie Hall)
The Departed (fuck off, it’s good)
No Country for Old Men
The Hurt Locker (See: The Departed)

Best Director Movies I have Seen and Liked, in addition to those already listed:

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Graduate
Brokeback Mountain
Life of Pi
The Revenant

Best Picture/Best Directors winners are rarely the best movie that year, but they are often good. The only BP winner I can confidently say was my favorite movie released that year is Moonlight.

If we’re going to expand this to include actors and actresses this will take a lot longer.

Also I have not seen most of the nominees for Best Picture this year, only Get Out and Ladybird.

The only others I really have any interest in are Call Me By Your Name, The Shape of Water (but I bet you $10 I won’t care for it) and The Phantom Thread

I’ll probably watch The Post when/if it shows up on netflix, and 3 Billboards too because I can’t deny that Frances McDormand is great.

Dunkirk/The Darkest Hour can go fuck themselves for all I care

But anyway I can understand having opinions about some of those, I guess, but honestly if you’re one of those people that feels Get Out’s nomination was undeserved I am going to physically fight you on the internet

Here’s a challenge for all you cinema lovers out there:

What’s the best movie in each year that was not nominated for a single Major* academy award?

*(supporting) Actor/actress, Director, Picture

Challenge mode: Best movie in each year not nominated for any academy awards

Brutal Difficulty: It has to be in English

Lets see whether they sorted out those envelopes this year, hmmmm?

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Here are a few of my choices, starting from 2007 because for some reason Zodiac was the first thing I thought of. This is based on wikipedia so if they don’t list a nomination for some reason, uhhh … that’s fine.

2007: Zodiac
2008: Paranoid Park
2009: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
2010: Holy shit this was a bad year for movies. Carlos wasn’t in English but I guess I can’t think of a better one. Some of you will probably say “The American” but I fucking hated that movie.
2011: Surprisingly a good year for competent genre cinema. Also reminds me I never saw A Dangerous Method. But, let’s be honest, FAST FIVE BABY

OK I’ll do the rest later.

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counterpoint: oscars are bad and mean nothing

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Yeah this is a weird thread for SB

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@Brooks @meauxdal Thanks for posting in my thread!


what is the biggest oscar diss an award-winner has done? have any of them like

spiked the damn thing on the stage


c’mon boss baby


Sadly the saltiest people tend to get is just not showing up

Of those Brando and George C Scott (who called it a “meat parade”) are probably the most legendary


i would love for someone to show up and just rip into people and end their speech by whipping out a blowtorch and showing poor oscar what for

did paul thomas anderson ever win a best picture? he’s my favorite director

i could google this but i’m trying to be friendly and un-crash the thread since i was a dick earlier :smirk:


Anderson is nominated this year, I think it’s unlikely he will win though? I sort of always felt like the deal with him and awards is everyone basically has the sense that he’s only going to keep getting better? IDK. I really thought The Master was going to win every award especially after TWBB was snubbed, but I guess making a lyrical hallucination of a movie about master/apprentice relationships that happens to be vaguely critical of scientology is still a dangerous move in Hollywood, LOL :sweat:


I think the only one of these I saw was Dunkirk, and it was pretty alright. better than i thought it would be. which isn’t saying it is award material, but it was OK.

i grew up in Sacramento with a sister and a bunch of Catholics and for some reason i still haven’t seen Lady Bird yet

especially now that Greta Gerwig wants to make a Sacramento-based trilogy, which lol

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you have to!!! It will seriously freak you out by how well it “gets” central CA in the early aughts. It’s such a specific vibe that I never expected to see rendered “On the silver screen”

it’s gonna turn me into Booji but for Sac instead of Cleveland

just gonna pop in threads and keep talking about how much worse Mid-Town used to be and tell stories about getting drunk at the river and almost getting mugged by meth heads


Best movies that were not nominated for any academy awards, per year, continued:

2012: This was another pretty dismal year for non-oscars movies in my memory, at least. Looper was ok but I hated the ending. I can’t remember where Funny People ends and This is 40 begins. I didn’t see Cosmopolis, but it’s Cronenberg so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Cosmopolis is the best English-language movie of 2012 that wasn’t nominated for any Academy Awards.
2013: Tough one, a weirdly good year for this! My pick would be Only Lovers Left Alive though. Was shocked to see it didn’t get any nominations. I still haven’t seen Fruitvale Station though, it’s probably that.
2014: This was a good year for weird-ass movies. I will go to bat for Noah. I’m serious. Darren Aronofsky’s only good movie fight me. Oh wait no The Wrestler is good too.
2015: Wow I was really busy this year and did not see that many movies. I also lived in another country for half of it. I’m breaking my no English rule and saying The Assassin, because that’s one of the greatest movies of all time.
2016: Oof. No clue. Paterson was probably good.
2017: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword just kidding I’ve got no fuckin clue. I apparently don’t watch many movies anymore.

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