god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Peter Parker basically playing Coach McGuirk is something i can for sure get behind


Wait can you explain this


I love the image of Parker trying to buy groceries with villian trophies.


this movie will likely be very funny and well written but after son of zorn and last man on earth just “having their name attached to a thing” doesn’t mean i’ll dig it by default


I never even heard of those things but I am very sad to learn that their record isn’t sterling any more.

They seem to exist on the exact same comic timeline as Lonely Island, who used to be irreproachable and then just… ran out.


you’re reminding me that lord and miller and the lonely island all worked together on awesometown and “extreme movie” a hundred years ago


Ah last man on earth. Where they couldn’t even do one full episode before betraying the title.


R.I.P. The O.C.



I got the volume 1 Spider-Man Omnibus recently (first 40 appearances or so, in color!) and have been really enjoying following the development of the character and seeing Ditko’s art evolve over the course of those early issues. It’s a shame to hear the news of his passing even if his original version of Spidey isn’t my favorite take on the character*.

*I prefer John Romita Sr.'s version and yes I know it’s just a more refined version of the iconic Ditko Spidey don’t @ me.


ya i just heard about this. I’m heartbroken. I didn’t even donate to his last kickstarter that just ended. I did the last one because I wanted to read the question comics he put out. Dude was dedicated to the craft until the very end.

If you haven’t you should find the ‘in search of Ditko’ doc that they did like a decade in a half ago. It’s on YT somewhere.


Prophet comics continue to be published after a 2012 relaunch that saw the character flung into the far future, but Liefeld says the Studio 8 team is interested in beginning with its '90s-era roots.

“It makes sense that it’s a destination that we can arrive at if we are successful,” he tells Heat Vision.

rob you numskull :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


hold up though


relaunches of rob liefield stuff with new creative teams that hits on the mark and manages to make the execution and story great have been pretty vogue lately


the last run of PROPHET is excellent but if they try to do the original “Captain America, but also a recoloring of Shatterstar” shit as a movie it will tank pathetically and they’ll never get around to adapting the actual good stuff that rob liefeld had absolutely no creative input on gosh


FIRST you make the EARTH WAR miniseries, THEN you do the 90 minute DTVOD prequel on a shoestring with the liefeld shit and every shot framed so the feet are out of the of the frame for true diehard 90’s kid fans, etc.


hire the dudes who did universal soldier Resurrection to do your footless action movie



yo Disney you hired the dude who made Slither yeah he’s fucking gross duh


Yeah, but when they hired him he wasn’t going to get them Gamergated, so


there are a number of reactions to this among the center and left, but I think my favorite are those who imply or outright state that, because he made jokes about child abuse while being middle-aged, he is almost certainly an actual pedophile