god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


man who worked on troma films made rape jokes is truly a stunning development.





When I first saw it, the Marvelesque post credits scene of Split felt like the best joke in the world. Bummer it wasn’t a joke.

My favorite part about watching Split is that I did it on my friend’s cracked Fire thing, and it instead gave us a romantic comedy about bowling. We watched the first 45 minutes waiting for that twist to hit extra hard before realizing what was up. I thought it was going to be some Audition level situation.



They keep trying to be funny


i saw some magazine cover for the captain marvel movie that was something like “he’ll save the world AS LONG AS HE FINISHES HIS HOMEWORK!!” and that tired old shit can fuck directly off.


Isn’t Captain Marvel a she now? Or did they change it back to a dude for the movie?

nb all my Marvel superhero canon knowledge comes from Marvel Puzzle Quest


I started a post to try to explain the Shazam / Captain Marvel nonsense but I got so bored and mad at myself that I had to stop


not the marvel captain marvel, the dc captain marvel




I was trying to explain Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Ms Marvel to my mom and she came away with it thinking the marvel one is a trans women which, you know, I wish


(My mom likes the Marvel movies so I spend a lot of time explaining comic book shit to her)




I hope that other Spawn movie that Todd McFarlane has been trying to do since the first one actually gets made at some point because, dang, they can do some pretty cool CGI stuff these days huh.


honestly I thought popstar was underrated


I never actually saw it! Which is crazy, I’ve always intended to and just… didn’t.


it’s on Netflix now uh at least in Canada


I think a lot of people burned out on them before it and didn’t, I only got around to it last year and was pleasantly surprised